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Dr. John Kennedy from USA

My name is John Kennedy and I have suffered from prostatitis forapproximately 14 years. I have seen numerous medial doctors and urologists in the USA over the years. I suffered through many false promises, negligent urologists, and misplaced hopes. No one was able to help me. Furthermore, no urologist was able to identify the pathogens I was infected with. Needless to say, I was always in pain. My energy was very low. I was on oral antibiotics and they were making me sick. My sex drive and semen flow were decreasing. I was suffering from bouts of depression, which were increasing both in length of duration and severity. I was unable to hold a steady relationship. The quality of my life was miserable!

I will mention one experience I had prior to receiving treatment from Dr. Song in an attempt to possibly save you from some pain, suffering, and physical harm. Before seeing Dr. Song I was in very bad condition. All previous treatments were ineffective. In yet another attempt to solve my prostatitis problem, I traveled to NY in June 2006 to receive trans-rectal antibiotic injections into the prostate. I do “not” recommend this treatment. It was very painful, dangerous, and ineffective. It pushes pathogens from the rectum into the prostrate, can damage the tissue wall between the prostate and the rectum, and in my case it produced some scarring in the prostate. Furthermore the issues of blockage and calcification were not addressed. Shortly after receiving this treatment I relapsed. My pain increased. My semen flow and semen mobility were down to almost nothing. It was worst experience I had in seeking a solution for my problem. My best advice is to avoid trans-rectal injections.

While in NY, I found the 3D clinic ’s website. I read about Dr. Song ’s treatment and testing procedures. His treatment is logical and made sense. I sent several emails to Dr. Song describing my condition, history, and previous treatments. All responses were quick, very informative, and supportive. At this point I was sacred and desperate! I knew I was in serious trouble and I needed help. After studying the clinic’s website and emails I decided to travel to Changsha, China in December of 2006 to receive 40 days of treatment. The decision took courage. However, Dr. Song is the only one that addresses both issues of (1) killing the pathogens that caused this terrible condition, and (2) unblocking; melting and discharging the calcifications and debris (byproducts) theses pathogens produce. These facts helped me to make the decision to go to China.

When I arrived in Changsha I was met by my translator, assigned to me by Dr. Song . She was friendly, pleasant and took excellent care of all my needs. When I arrived at The 3D Treatment Clinic I was fortunate to meet a patient from the United Kingdom (UK) who had just finished 40 days of treatment. He informed me he was pathogen free, most of his blockages had been cleared up, and his health had improved greatly. He planed to return at a later date to finish his unblocking. He had very good things to say about Dr. Song . Needless to say, meeting this patient relieved a lot of my concerns and anxiety.

After talking with the patient from the UK, I met Dr. Song and his team. I found them to be outstanding. They were very professional, friendly and genuinely concerned about my wellbeing. The clinic, located on the 9th floor of a professional building, were clean and well organized.

While in Changsha I was thoroughly tested, which included cultures, physical examinations, and ultrasounds. I was tested for all STD’s (sexually transmitted disease), bacteria’s (including micro plasmas, etc.), viruses, and fungus at different stages throughout the treatment. The results were fast and accurate. This was the first and only time I received such complete testing for pathogens. I was properly tested before, during, and after treatment procedures (no urologist in the USA did this for me). It was determined I had three types of pathogens: Chlamydia, Straptococcus, and Streptococcus. Physical examination indicated blockage in both lobes of my prostrate, both seminal vessels and right epididymis. The ultra sound of my prostrate confirmed the blockage in my prostrate; significant blockage and/or calcifications were found in both lobes.

After receiving Dr. Song ’ treatment for approximately 30 days, I was informed by Dr. Song I was “PATHOGEN FREE.” Dr. Song was able to kill all the problem causing pathogens. I was told on January 1, 2007 I was pathogen free and partially unblocked. What a fantastic way to start the New Year and my new life!

I continued treatment for another 10 days to try and clear out as much of the calcifications as possible before I had to return to the USA. However, due to my long history I understood I had to return for further unblocking treatment. My plan was to return May 2007 for further unblocking; clearing out the remaining calcification and/or residue produced by the pathogens.

In May of 2007 I returned to Changsha for further treatment from Dr. Song . I was again tested for pathogens and I was found to be pathogen free. During this time Dr. Song mainly focused on unblocking. My experience was truly amazing. For over 40 days I discharged large amounts of calcified particles. I learned, due to my long history of prostatitis, I had built up a large amount of particles in my prostate, seminal vessels and epididymis. I felt such a relief as I discharged these particles. My over all health improved as each day passed. Semen flow, prostate fluid and sexual drive increased significantly. Also the quality of my sperm (mobility) returned to normal.

While in China, I met patients from USA, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. When comparing notes, we all came to the same conclusion – Dr. Song is the most knowledge person in the world today regarding prostatitis. He understands the problem, has the best treatment for this condition, and his treatment method works.

At the end of my second treatment session, I felt a significant improvement in my prostrate, and my overall health and well being. I can tell you I am very happy now. It is hard for me to believe that I am free of all pathogens and my health, both physically and mentally, is recovering. My semen flow, quality of erection, and sex drive all are greatly improved. After 14 years of suffering I wish I would have found Dr. Song sooner. The lesson learned here as a patient suffering from this terrible condition, is to be careful of other doctors and their treatments. Trans-rectal injections are dangerous and cause damage. Over use of oral antibiotics can damage other organs, cause antibiotic resistance and fungal infections. Prostate massage with oral antibiotics does not work. Any kind of invasive surgical procedures cause damage and you may not fully recover. The pathogens must be killed and the blockages removed.

The best advice I can give you is to go see Dr. Song ! If you are suffering, do not wait too long, and be careful of other treatments that can harm you. One thing you need to understand as a general rule of thumb, Dr. Song ’s treatment is pathogen and time dependent. This means treatment time depends on the type of pathogens you have and how long you had them. Me, I am one of the extreme cases due to my long history of infection. However, Dr. Song was able to help me. I cannot thank him enough. He has given me my life back. It is my hope he can do the same for you.

One more thing, if you are a first time traveler or just concerned about traveling to China to receive treatment, there is no need to worry. I have already stated Dr. Song is the best. Additionally, Changsha is a nice Chinese city with a long history. It is safe (safer then most American cites), the food is good, the people are friendly, and it is inexpensive. There are plenty of interesting things to see and do. Most importantly, you are there for treatment. The time passes quickly and most of us feel more than a little sorry we have to leave. If you would like to contact me, you are free to do so. I will be more than happy to discuss my treatment with you, my experience in Changsha, and answer your questions within reason.

Best regards,

Dr. John Kennedy – USA