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Gareth form UK

My name is Gareth and this is my wife Annie and I am in the last week of a six week course of treatment. I live in the UK and am 73 years of age. I worked for IBM most of my career and joined them in the mid 1960s. I was based mainly in London with periods in New York City and Paris. After retirement, my wife and I spent some years on our boat. Cruising the Mediterranean, crossing the Atlantic via the Caribbean to the US and Canadian east coast. We traversed via the Great Lakes to the Pacific N West and sailed to Alaska. We returned to the UK in 2009 largely because my BPH was causing greater and greater concern and needed to be addressed. I want to stress I am not a doctor and the following is solely my impressions from my experience here.

Forgive me if I refer to my notes over the next few minutes.

Medical history in the UK:

In retrospect my BPH started in the 1990’s and an acute attack of bacterial prostatitis stopping all urination occurred 1997 whilst we were 2 days from land in the Atlantic on a small boat.

Very scary, but fortunately we had some antibiotics on board which dealt with this attack. Unfortunately the BPH continued to make urination more and more difficult. In 2011, I was in the UK and advised to undergo TURPs surgery. This gave some temporary relief but the problems recurred with a vengeance in 2013/2014. Another bad flare up showed E. coli in my urine and as my brother had developed prostate cancer. I elected to have a biopsy. Fortunately this showed I was clear of cancer but needed a second TURPs to clear the scar tissue in Urethra. This was done in Jan. 2015 but after a short respite the problem of frequent urination, disturbed sleep and a strong burning feeling returned. My urine showed me clear of infection. The UK doctors declared I had non-bacterial prostatitis for which Ibuprofen was the only treatment. I should add that over several years some six oral antibiotics were prescribed without long-term success.

I could not accept I was going to spend the rest of my life being tortured by the burning and lack of sleep now only about 3 or 4 hours a night. I therefore set about researching the subject. If you are watching this video, then you will recognize the events but more importantly you have learnt from the 3D website that there is some hope. I came to the conclusion that the rapid decline in my situation started with the first TURPs, op, and accelerated following the second TURPs op.

I was also convinced that an infection or virus together with BPH was the root cause and the surgery exposed my prostate and bladder to re-infection.

Desperation drove me to the only treatment that I could find and believe in at the 3D Clinic. Having talked to four previous patients in the US, Asia and Africa, I was convinced their claims were genuine, and came to the Xiangtan clinic in mid-October, 2015, where we now are.

3D Process_– Determination, Direct, Discharge

I would now like to cover the treatment, I received and what I learnt over the time under Dr. Song and Dr. Ivan. The first step in the 3D process is Determination- that is to identify and determine the causative pathogens. If they have not found it back home the sampling and pathology may be at fault, there is generally a bacterial, a causative agent! I like to call this the Detective stage.

The morning of day 1, we visited one of the main Changsha hospitals for Ultrasound scan and full blood tests and virus scan. In the afternoon, we went the 30 miles south to the Xiangtan clinic and hotel.

The first hour with Dr. Song and Dr. Ivan covered my whole medical history from birth, next was a prostate massage to obtain fluids and scan for infections which is done on site in their own pathologic lab. Dr. Song was able to show me within 15 minutes the pathogens under the microscope which were then cultured for two days and showed E Coli and Staphylococcus. The results of the blood test, virus scan and ultrasound were then explained to me. The UK urine sampling technique is often ineffective. It needs to be done after prostate massage and pee, immediately into the Petrie dish for microscopic examination without delay.

On day 1, I learnt more about my condition than from the previous 15 years in the UK, US and Canada. Firstly my prostate showed infection was present together with calcification. Secondly, as shown on the Ultrasound as shown on the Ultrasound, the TURPs operations had not only blocked the ejaculatory duct but also the natural paths from the prostate into the urethra. Any ejaculation is into bladder. Thirdly, a cyst 35mm long on a teste which no one had spotted in the UK. The TURPs operations has made the treatment far more difficult due to the scar tissue in the urethra and bladder neck. My advice to anyone is to have a stent not a TURPs but if you, like me, have had a TURPs a cure is possible but more protracted. Either way come here to the clinic for treatment coming earlier, it is much simpler to fix. In my judgment, a Turps is a temporary fix unless the BPH is stopped the urethra will again be constricted over time.

The cultured sample later showed the pathogens to be E. coli and staphylococcus and virus scan showed a number of so called “pending” virus which could also be a problem now or in the future.

The second step is the direct injection into the prostate of antibiotics chosen after tests on the cultured pathogens. In my case, a later physical examination showed that there was a painful location at the bladder exit neck caused by an ulcer. This ulcer was on the site of the second TURPs and made vulnerable to infection by the surgery.

The prostate treatment was quite straightforward. Two injections each day via the perineum into the prostate lobes of an antibiotic and unblocking mixture. The proportions were changed over time-initially mainly antibiotic and later mainly unblocking.

The bladder ulcer was also treated by direct injections of antibiotics into the ulcer site and within days the burning pain I had been experiencing faded as the ulcer healed. I am now pain free.

It is worth noting that the conventional treatment is radical surgery and a re-section of the bladder, a major operation. Direct injection is not an option as very few people in the world have the necessary skill and experience to do it, 3D does.

In the opinion of Dr. Song, it is inadvisable to use other routes for the injections. The perineum is just flesh with no major organs or arteries and easily heals, thus allowing the daily injections over the 42 days for complex cases like mine.

As I am speaking the ulcer is healing nicely as shown in microscopic examination of epithelia in the urine and the mucus membrane in the bladder is repairing itself and the prostate is unblocking. I have another week and this should complete the unblocking. The ulcer will take more time aided by some oral medications.

In addition to the injections my wife and I took the 15 day course of antivirus, IV treatment to remove and minimize, any potentially harmful virus and to improve my blood circulation and boost my immune system.

BPH is eliminated long term by injections to shrink the prostate and cut off the nutrients feeding BPH, the longer term reason for uncontrolled cell multiplication and potentially cancer.

This leads me into the third D of 3D, Discharge of calcification. This will be completed towards the end of our treatment but is essential in order to remove any hiding place for existing or new pathogens. It opens up the natural drainage of the prostate which becomes soft again.

In many cases the calcification can be seen in the nightly urine samples, we bring to the clinic each day. I suggest you keep a nightly written log of the times and volume of your urination and any symptoms for discussion with the doctors.


I believe my decision to come to China and the 3D clinic was probably the smartest thing I ever did together with marrying my wife, Annie who has been a major support through a trying few years.

I also believe there should be a fourth D added to their title here. That is Dedication. The team, Dr. Song, Dr. Ivan, and their assistants, Jenny and Alisa are committed to one thing, that is the patients total well being.

Doctor Song and his team work and see us patients 7 days a week and wherever the patients condition leads will follow it to the goal, a long term cure. Dr. Song’s other passion is his research which is now focusing on the cause and progression of prostate cancer.

It is notable that not one of his many hundreds of patients who have gone through the whole process has gone onto develop cancer as a result of a rejuvenated prostate. A number of patients with existing cancer have also greatly benefitted by the cancer being effectively halted and shrunk. The team here is not driven by fame or fortune but our well-being. You will not regret your decision to come here. Nothing to us is more important than our long term health and a good quality of life.

I know many of you will debate whether to be accompanied by their partner, so I will ask Annie to relate her impressions from our stay her.

Annie introduce about self:

I wanted to be here to support Gareth. Come along as well, the clinic, and the Chinese culture is a delight. Also your partner can have a test to eliminate any future cross contamination. I have enjoyed the whole experience, and will be sad to leave.

If you have watched this for you are clearly serious about treating your complaint.

I wish you good fortune with your own battles and are confident you will never regret your decision to come here.