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Dave from Scotland

I am a patient of Dr. Song here in Changsha China and I would like to share my experience with those you who are suffering from this debilitating and life restricting illness – Chronic Prostatitis.

I’m from Scotland in the UK and I have suffered from chronic prostatitis for the past 6 1/2 years. I contracted it on holiday after an unfortunate sexual encounter back in 2001.

My life became very restricted after all these symptoms came about – weak erection, urine flow, ejaculation, dull pain and very low energy and depression. After seeking help from numerous urologists around the world I became more and more frustrated at the lack of improvement and understanding in my condition – my luck turned

when I found 3D clinic ’s website in 2005.The methods he advertised made complete sense and seemed so practically orientated. I made my decision to take the trip to Changsha, China and I arrived here for the first time in October 2006.

I was greeted by Belinda, one of Dr. Song ’s translators – a very pleasant, warm and fluent young lady who was courtious, efficient and very accommodating to my condition given Id come from half way round the world.

I went to the clinic where Dr. Song  is based and was immediately impressed at how clean, hygenic and comfortable the surroundings were. I had my first consultation with Dr. Song
and he struck me right away as a very humble, kind, gentle and compassionate individual who radiated confidence and understanding in what he was doing. He clearly explained to me what his practice stood for and what tests were conducted and why. We went straight away to work and semen, blood, urine and prostate fluid samples were taken to identify pathogen, such as mycoplasma, chlamydia, virus, fungus and numerous bacteria which I believe are unknown to many western practices.

I was found to have a very nasty mixed infection – Blood test revealed Chlamydia. Semen analysis revealed weak semen with low mobility. Prostate fluid revealed 2 out of 3 Mycroplasma – Mycroplasma Genitalium and Ureaplasma Urealyticum. In addition to this I had Staphylococcus and Corynebacterium.5 different infections!!

Dr. Song then performed a lengthy and extensive DRE to physically feel the hardness of my prostate with his finger. The procedure was tolerable and I could tell he knew exactly what he was looking for.

To add to this the pathogens were calcified on an area which covered 55-60% of my prostate due to the length of time in the prostate and the continued usage of useless antibiotics which continually weakened my immune system. Both my seminal vesicles were calcified and I had epididymitis. I was clearly in a very bad condition.

Dr. Song then put my case together and through his other translator Jeremy – a very fluent, kind and attentive individual – put an extensive and detailed treatment program together to eradicate and kill ALL pathogens from my prostate and connecting organs.

The treatment lasted 35 days and I experienced significant discharge/unblocking simultaneously with killing all pathogens during this time.

I received 2 shots per day around my reproductive system and was always informed of what areas were to be treated and how my progress was going before these daily treatments.

I was very comfortable with Dr. Song as he has such a realistic and humane understanding of this condition and such a conventional and efficient approach in his treatment.
This diagnosis would never have been possible without his methods – absolutely no way.
No Dr in the west holds the skill to perform these treatments and understanding of this disease like Dr. Song -PERIOD.

I’ve just finished a second 35-day round of treatment to discharge and permanently unblock the remaining calcification in my prostate. I have been told and been shown extensive and comprehensive proof through an ultrasound (at the start and the end of each period of treatment) that my prostate is 85% clear of calcification. Given the severity of my infection and the mass area it actually covered this treatment is the only kind in the world that could have possibly worked. Given the 2 months of treatment and the $$$ I spent I have absolutely no regrets coming to see Dr. Song for treatment.

I will come back for a third and final round of discharge and I have been assured that I will be 100% clear of all calcification and after 3-6 months after this, my prostate will be back to normal function again.
I am honored to have had the good fortune to be treated by someone as noble and compassionate as Dr. Song . He has the highest respect and wishes the utmost to his patients. Periodically he invites his patients to dinner with his team of Drs and this is an excellent way to maintain a sound relationship with his patients.

To sum it all up – those of you who are considering Dr. Song
as your cure – LOOK NO FURTHER – He WILL cure you. He is a man of considerable caliber, dignity, knowledge and honor. He even helped treat my sinuses for free on the first trip. My case was a very very severe one and most likely will not be many out there like mine – even more so to come because he has fixed me 85%. I can’t wait to come back in March 2008 for my final round.

Yes, it is a lot of money to spend and a long way to come but – WHATS MORE IMPORTANT – money is dead; your health is your life. It has been worth every single penny and more.

Changsha is a very inexpensive and safe place to come to – the people are very warm, polite and friendly. The cost of living I found to be extremely reasonable and the food and beverage was of a high standard. I stayed 5 minutes walk from The 3D Treatment Clinic at the Friendly hotel for about US$45 a night.

Anyone wish to ask any questions I will be more than happy to oblige as I want everyone to know how wonderful this experience has been – knowing and experiencing LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

All the very best and again – a huge THANK YOU to Dr. Song
and his efficient team for providing such a safe environment and effective treatment that actually works.

The final update from the 3D prostatitis clinic:

Dave from Scotland, 38 years old. He had prostatitis for six and half years. He tried various of prostatitis treatments all failed. The full set of lab testing at the 3D Prostatitis Clinic showed he has severe prostatitis, severe prostate blockage and calcification, epididymitis, spermatocystis, seminal vesicle blockage and calcification, and infection with multiple pathogens. After received two rounds of 3D treatment , he was completely cured, and eventually back to health.