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Dr. Emmanuel from USA

I had a relapsed on BPH laser surgery (done 4/2011). On December 23, 2017 I had to go to emergency due to urinary retention & acute cystitis with hematuria had to wear indwelling catheter for almost 2 months. The emergency doctor recommend me to a urologist. The urologist schedule me for Transurethral Resection of the Prostate(TURP- gold standard for treatment of BPH). I don’t want this treatment due had a relapsed also like green light (laser) surgery. So I researched on the web site & you tube found out 3D Urology Treatment at Xiangtan , China. I talked to some of the patient & they recommended it for BPH treatment. The treatment is not evasive. The successful rate is very high, no side effects. I contacted 3D Urology at Xiangtan, China & schedule treatment for 4 weeks (March 3 – March 30, 2018). Dr Song was the attending urologist doctor.i had to go Laboratory test( blood drawing) and ultrasound examination. From the test Dr Song found out I had BPH, prostatitis, prostrate calcification, bladder diverticulum, stones on the right kidney & epididymitis. The microscopic examination shows many white blood cells and calcifications materials. Prostate fluid got through prostate massage found bacteria grow in its culture staphylococcus aureus, enterococcus & E. Coli. The digital rectal examination shows swelling of the prostate, hard texture & obvious pressing pain.Blood examination (abnormal) results rubella virus IgG>500IU/ml, cytomegalovirus IgG 114.6AU/ml, Herpes simplex virus IgG 27.8AU/l, testosterone 8.0nmol/L, alanine transaminase 55u/L and Uris acid 429.7nmol/L. I undergo 2 weeks treatment for prostrate bacterial infection used antibiotic, four weeks treatment for prostate calcification & BPH using local injection with herbal extracts and 15 days for intravenous drip using antiviral drugs for viral infection. After treatment prostrate volume become smaller and texture becomes soft but still remains calcifications. I had improvement on my symptoms. Dr Song recommended to use oral natural herbal for strengthening immunity, improving endocrine function and blood circulation. No alcohol, no stimulant foods or drinks for 3 months to avoid prostate congestion. Avoid pressing the prostate by not sitting for a long time and riding bicycle. Do aerobic exercise like running and swimming to improve circulation.

I think I am going for recovery due have some improvement on my urine flow but still due to calcifications I experience dripping & nocturia, hesitancy, intermittency etc of urination pattern. Dr Song advised up to 6 months urination will improved after calcification will be dissolve more. I observed in my urine there are particles more coming out. I highly 3D urology treatment for problems on the prostrate prostatitis, BPH, calcifications, tumor , cancer etc. Dr Song his staff (Dr Ivan, Alisa – translator, & Cindy -nurse) are helpful & supportive. Thank you.