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John Bradley from South Carolina, United State

I am John Bradley from South Carolina, United State of America. I am staying here in China because the journey is flapping to Dr. Song. It started from 8 years ago returned to my 50s and my PSA spiked. And my doctor was going to do a biopsy for me and then I made a mistake there. 8 years later, I was diagnosed as the prostate cancer. So a friend did the research for the treatment because I just rejected to the options in the least such as surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, all these have side effects and questions came into my mind. So I came to China six weeks ago and I met the incredible team from Dr. Song, Dr. Ivan, Alisa and the nurse Cindy, the whole team here in Xiangtan, a bend of amazing. And my result is very very positive, so if I were sitting as what you are sitting right now, what can I know. I came here with 2 tumors, a small tumor in the left and a large tumor in the right side. 6 weeks later, the small tumor is gone and the large tumor is 90% gone, the only remnants are pieces of tissues breaking up as I just look at them under the microscope. I saw the 1st lab of cancer cells and I saw after the lab. And they are particles that are coming out of my body. So I am going home very very happy. Why I have been here, I felt so strong, I worked out every day, stayed at a beautiful hotel and actually I lost 25 pounds of weight when I have been here. And that is amazing, you can be under the cancer treatment and they are stronger while you are going through the treatment. That just doesn’t happen in the west, people lose their hair, and they get sick; so I am encouraging you to do the research. You know every treatment is different, and if you can find time, of course, they are rewarding. This is the best place in the world. They inject directly through perineum into the prostate with natural herbs which is very safe without side effects. So I tell you what, if you want to talk to me, you call me or get my email from Alisa. I am happy to get your call or email the answers any of your questions. I wish you will have a happy journey here. From John Bradley.

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Results- Ball on the 1 -yard line
Journal entry by John Bradley — Oct 8, 2018

Started the day at 9 AM at the large public hospital here. They had two MRI machines going like clockwork. I didn’t wait more than five minutes before they had me on the table and in the machine. The whole thing lasted about 25 minutes. I was getting up off the table as the next person was being wheeled into the room. They don’t mess around here because the volume is so high. Can you imagine having an MRI in America and not waiting? For that matter can you imagine a doctor’s visit every day for six weeks (I had an injection yesterday, on a Sunday by Dr. Ivan. He came in on his off day because I am technically going home a day early)? Each visit lasting at least 15 minutes for detailed questions about your sleep, your conditions, followed by another 10 to 15 minutes of treatment? That’s the game plan over here and it works to serve each guy like he was the only one at the clinic.

About those results? I started with two tumors one small and one medium (14mm X 17mm). The small one is gone. The large one has been reduced to “less than 10% of the original size” and counting. This 10% is a remnant that time will take care of – the cancer is dying a slow and painful death. Good riddance.

Dr. Song says over the next few months the remnants of the large tumor will completely disappear. There are still two more sets of injections to go and then that medicine will continue to work in my body for weeks. Double Bonus Points- he is sending me home with two months’ worth of herbal rinses that cleanse me of any rogue cancer cells floating around and boost my immune system at the same time.

Someone is surely asking, “how do you feel about this?” I feel it is an 8 out of 10. Sure it would have been nice to hear – ALL CLEAR. But healing takes time, and the cancer was step 2 of the process. Killing the causes, the pathogens was step 1 and that took 3 weeks! Doing so eliminated the chance of recurrence. We didn’t just treat the cancer (symptom) we treated the cause.

The larger challenge is the size and condition of the prostate or BPH. When I got here mine was over 100 cm³ and today he said it measured at 80 cm³. So there’s progress being made. He advised me to take 8 to 9 months and let nature take it’s course. At some point next spring I will get it measured and decide if I’m going to come back for further treatment to recondition this old leather briefcase that has been left out in the sun and the rain for eight years. I know it is much improved, I had a 2 1/2 hour nap on Saturday, unprecedented over the last 5 years due to frequency of urination.

Bottom line: the cancer has been all but wiped out. The medicine inside will continue to work and in a few more weeks and months cancer should be undetectable.

So the ball is on the 1 yard line and I will put it in the end zone with a final MRI right before the end of the year.

Wonder what my USA doctor will say when he watches that movie?

Journal entry by John Bradley — Oct 7, 2018

It’s Sunday morning in America and that is maybe my most favorite time of the week. Whitney and I like to linger in bed on Sunday mornings, waiting for the other one to wake up, and then lay there letting streams of consciousness trip off our tongues as the sun rises and calls us to the day. This is a precious morning, the only one where we don’t typically have some place to be or a schedule to follow. Next Sunday will be one of those mornings.

It’s the homestretch over here. Tomorrow I have an MRI and will learn the results on Tuesday. I’ve written about how wonderful this experience has been, and yet I feel like I have failed to capture the depth of it, nonetheless.

Maybe some numbers will help:

40- days away though certainly not in the desert

1 –room to call home, and it has a terrific view

7- new friends I will look forward to keeping tabs on going forward via email or WeChat

224- lbs when arrived, 198 this morning

10,504- avg. steps/day or 5.6 miles/day

80- injections through perineum directly into my prostate (Ouch in Chinese: Aiyo)

385 – total guided meditation minutes. Nearly 10/day

3 – level of ping pong skill achieved, scale of 1 – 5.

17 – straight losses to the 65 year old Sensei in the park

73- vials of herbal medicine toting home

There’s no doubt that tomorrow’s MRI is pivotal in deciding whether this trip has been effective in fighting cancer inside my prostate. But regardless of the results, the trip itself has been a wonderful gift. I had read on some websites, when I was first starting this journey that other cancer patients called their experience a gift, something they would not trade back if given the chance. I didn’t understand that then though I certainly do now. In talking with some of the guys here and a buddy back in America who is on his own cancer journey, this is a nearly universally felt sentiment.

I share this unblushingly because if a friend or family member, or God forbid, you are ever diagnosed, you will all know that there is a silver lining to that diagnosis. And know too that there are alternative treatments all around the world that are beating this threat. My friend in California just got back from the Hoxsey clinic where he read testimonials of people in their own hand writing going back over 50 years. These are people who came back to the clinic years later for routine follow-up, folks that beat late stage cancers and lived to laugh and tell about it. Not all of them were survivors, no cure is batting 1.000. But the vast, vast majority were unmitigated success stories, stories of winning the battle, living years beyond the doctors’ initial estimates with no recurrence. I am posting a picture in the gallery of one such note, a legacy patient whose great grandfather, and also grandfather, had been treated at the clinic. 54 years later she finds herself there to cure her own cancer.

There have been two similar stories here at the 3-D clinic in September. I witnessed two of them while I was here. Guys who arrived with tumors and left with “undetectable” on their radiology reports.

Dr. Song and his staff have been wonderful. The staff at the hotel have been remarkable. I will miss many of them. But it is time to come home.

Good, bad or awful I’ll post the results on Tuesday. Jumping on the plane Wednesday morning, after the last round of injections. Can’t wait to see or talk with you all over the next few weeks.



The Brotherhood
Journal entry by John Bradley — Sep 29, 2018

Good Morning America, from China! Today’s journal entry is being brought to you by the #4.

Being here for the last 4+ weeks has been a bounty of privileges. I’ve chronicled in earlier posts how fortunate I feel to have found this place, to have a wife who instinctively thinks outside the box, and a team at work who fully support my 6 weeks away. That team got a new client this week. Amazing. (And Josh had a son! Can’t wait to hold young Carter.) Just to have the opportunity to go on a medical journey that is part sabbatical and part adventure is a gift, and then to have a treatment that leaves me with so much energy that I work out for 2 hours a day or more, stay in a great hotel for $48/day, eat interesting food and make new friends. Wow, just wow.

Add to the basket of blessings … the men I have met here. Each one has an interesting story that I will try to briefly capture below on 4 of them. Each is a seeker, who came from different parts of the globe to this nondescript clinic in the middle of an indistinct city in a faraway country because they weren’t willing to accept the conventional medical wisdom of how to treat prostate cancer.

Let me introduce the Brotherhood.

Neil from Australia, 56. One of the most interesting cats I’ve met in a long, long time. Neil lives in Australia but he builds gyro-copters in China- it’s his company. www.tagaviation.com.au These are two-seater copters that can travel a couple hundred miles and stay aloft four hours. Take off in Greenville and run it down to Hilton Head. He bought one, German model, about 10 years ago and decided he could make one stronger and lighter out of titanium, in short – better. He moved his manufacturing operation to China a couple years ago. One day in the clinic while we were waiting I listened to a 10 minute dissertation on the superiority of his rotors (carbon fiber) over the German rotors, “German garbage” (aluminum, they crack and thus, have a max life of 800 hours).

Neil has also traveled all over the world… beating cancer. He had lymphatic cancer and cured that three years ago at a clinic in Mexico, Hoxsey Biomedical, check it out. The testimonials of Hoxsey are mind blowing:

Patient Testimonials

When Neil learned he had prostate cancer two years ago he went to Germany but that treatment didn’t work. Then Israel, where he learned a lot but wasn’t treated. He kept searching, committed to avoiding surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, he even refused a biopsy (which really paid off for him, more on why below). He knew he had cancer from the PET-CT scan (another reason to avoid a biopsy) but he wasn’t going to let anybody complicate things with questionable treatments/highly suspicious outcomes. He kept searching knowing that prostate cancer was relatively slow growing. A friend of a friend told him about Dr. Song here in Xiangtan

He started treatment on September 8th, his prostate was 150 cm³, normal is under 30, and he had two tumors, one on each lobe of the prostate. After 10 days of treatment he did an MRI. Both tumors were completely eradicated. I can’t make this stuff up folks, “undetectable“ was the radiologist’s report from the big hospital here.

Why was his treatment so successful, so quickly? Because he never had a biopsy that damaged his prostate, created blockages, and thus, complicated the treatments. He was discharging pathogens the first night! 10 days- cured. Oh, and his prostate shrank by 1/3. It is now under 100 and shrinking more over time.

John, from Thailand, 63. John is a retired naval engineer, he worked on weapons systems for the British Navy. He married a gal from Thailand to retire there about seven years ago, and runs a 100 acre farm growing a vegetable that is toxic until it is cooked. Sounds weird, right? He loves old movies, his garden, birds and beer. John is a gregarious guy, and he lights the clinic up when he comes in every day.

Biopsied 4 months ago, elected not to have surgery or radiation because he didn’t like the potential side-effects (incontinence, impotence), not to mention the prognosis (75% cure rate, but what about the other 25%??) and found this place using an Internet search “alternative prostate therapy”. He is scheduled to be here for five weeks and will leave on the same day I do. John had the biopsy which is the challenge. He is just not flushing out like Neil. The doctor says John is progressing well, nonetheless, and his prostate is softening and the cancer is gone based on the digital rectal exam (finger exam) we get every day. John is continuing to cleanse his system of pathogens on the drip every day, gets the dual injections like the rest of the crew, and will have an MRI soon. He just wants to see more calcification release in his urine but is confident he will soon be cancer free.

Dave, from New Zealand, 73. Dave is a world-class age-group marathoner. He WON the 70 to 75-year-old class in the 2016 Chicago Marathon. He has run marathons all over the world: Berlin, Madrid, London, as well as New York, Boston, LA. This 73-year-old guy gets up every morning and clicks off 12 to 16 km. For those of you counting at home that’s 8 to 10 miles, 6 days a week. At 73. He’s training now for New York again, in November so he upped it one day last week to 25 Kilometers = 15 miles. His son runs the company he began in NZ, a scaffolding supply operation out of Auckland.

Dave came in after me, around September 2nd, and began treatment with a large tumor taking up nearly the entire space on the right side of his prostate. This was a MacDaddy tumor, and after four weeks of treatment he also got an MRI.

“Undetectable”. He will continue treatment for another 10 days to remove any remaining pathogens and continue to unblock from his biopsy.

Kev, from Australia, 63, but he looks like he is 50. Kev is a gentle man, a Carpenter back home. He gets targeted injections every day, just like the rest of us as he is trying to wipe out several small tumors inside his prostate. His prostate was not too enlarged but Kev, like John and Dave also had a biopsy, so his blockages are the challenge. He came in around September 9th and will get imaging results next week. The doctor is confident Kev is clear of cancer. The bigger challenge is undoing the damage caused by the biopsy. Sound familiar?

This is the Brotherhood. John, Kev, Dave and I went to dinner last night to celebrate Dave’s great news. As John said at dinner, “I am as happy for Dave as if it was my own prostate we were celebrating”. He meant it, and we all felt it. We’ve met in the clinic every day and grown to care about each other. Also, when one of us wins, it validates the process for the rest of us, we feel more hopeful.

That’s it for this morning. Enjoy your Saturday morning, and Go Clemson! as my gorgeous mother-in-law is surely saying about now as she tailgates outside Death Valley before the Freshman QB and the rest of the Tigers take on Syracuse. Both teams are 4-0, only the 4th time in history that two 4-0 teams have met in Clemson.

Missing you all, and letting you know that your phone calls work just as if I was back in SC. Sounds like I am right next door. Ring me up anytime to chat, it is exactly a 12 hour swing, ahead. As I post this journal entry the clock reads 9:37 pm.

Sending good Chinese mojo to you all,


he Wizard is not real. Right?
Journal entry by John Bradley — Sep 22, 2018

Whitney arrived Monday, after a 26 hour journey. She flew this far to be by my side for a few days before she has to return to a whirlwind schedule of her own. Man! I am blessed. But you already know that. It has been great having here here, the guys all wanted to go to lunch with her to say goodbye after morning clinic today. As one of them said, there is a dearth of female companionship and she was a dose of beauty for us all. Check out the photos in the gallery.

We all know the story of the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy was looking for a way home, and she heard there was a Wizard in a distant town that could give her the secret to getting there. She met some interesting characters along the way (flying monkeys!), had some twists in the road that scared her, but eventually she found Oz and the Wizard. He turned out to be a phony.

We’ve all been burned, had a “lemon” experience, raised expectations only to see them dashed, and vowed to make better decisions next time. These negative experiences condition us to be cautious, reticent to taking risks, especially in situations that have high stakes. The “proven” way is the best way, status quo is just that for a reason(s) and when big decisions are on the line there cannot be a doubt to the path one chooses. Right?

Perhaps not. One of the good guys said it well: “Never accept ultimatums, conventional wisdom, or absolutes.” Christopher Reeve (and he has many others) Read more at:www.brainyquote.com

The men I have met here, like Dorothy, are seekers. They are all looking for answers to a big challenge. They want to get “home” without side-effects. Each one of them has a story that is worth chronicling, and I will do that in a future Journal entry, after Whitney gets back on the plane home. They have come to this otherwise unremarkable city in the middle of China to find the Wizard. These men all had a condition or two that could have been treated with conventional approaches. Approaches that come with serious side-effects or questionable outcomes. Without bashing Western Medicine, because there are some great doctors, fine institutions and amazing results achieved every day in the West in disciplines like Orthopedics, Obstetrics, even Plastic Surgery (see Cher)… the field of Oncology is just not one of those disciplines.

Side bar: My Dad’s long-time partner, Gwyn, will tell you that her first husband Jack suffered terribly for years while fighting cancer in the 90’s, and if she had it to do over again, they both would have refused the Chemotherapy and Radiation, each of which destroy healthy tissue while delivering highly questionable outcomes. We will someday look back on the treatment of cancer using Radiation and/or Chemotherapy as primitive, nay, medieval. When the West gets it figured out, harnessing the body to heal itself, they will have caught up to the East. But I digress.

We’ve all come to find the Wizard, Dr. Song.

Let me use the words of a fellow that just finished his 4th round of treatments (it only took one to cure his cancer) to describe this remarkable Doc. Ratan is a business man and finance professor, it is only a couple short flights to this city from his home in Northern India. Dr. Song cured him of Prostate cancer in 2014. Rattan has been back thrice more for follow up treatments for Epididymitis, and infection of the Vas Deferens that can be very painful (like a woman’s urinary tract infection), and very difficult to cure due to the low blood supply in these areas.

Ratan and I became friends as we met at the clinic each day; he was here with his wife, she was receiving anti-virals and herbal cleanses too. Here is his parting note to me:

Good morning Mr. John!

I am genuinely happy to learn that your health system is responding to the treatment. So also our fellow brothers who are under treatment by Dr. Song & his team.

As for me, looking back 4 years hence, I find one of the luckiest, among the people suffering from this ‘hard walnut to crack ‘ all over the world, to have found Dr. Song.

Dr Song, a god’s gift to the people suffering from all kinds of Prostate diseases.

He is so humble, so unassuming yet so humane, so caring, so absorbed in his works, so dedicated to his profession! (my emphasis).

It’s natural for people to have serious doubts & reservations about the alternative treatment. So ‘ NO RISK, NO GAIN ‘! I am happy that I took the risk 4 years back and saved myself from the surgeon ‘s scalpel ( of my prostate)!


Wishing you 100% recovery of your health.


Ratankumar Khumujam

So who is the Wizard? Hard to say. He is direct, and doesn’t dance around his message. He does laugh, I have seen that. Once, when I showed him a photo of the guys standing together looking at each other’s discharges (we do that), I told Dr. Song that under any other circumstances we would be sharing photos of our kids. He chuckled.

I see him for an interview of 15-20 minutes each day, with his interpreter, and fellow doctor Ivan (5 years out of med school). I love Ivan, he is smart and funny and caring. Dr. Song wants to know details of my nightly experience following treatments. He never takes a shortcut in his questions. 2nd round of Testing was last week. It was mixed results. My cancer is undetectable but the pathogens are proving resilient. He has adjusted my treatment because the infections are proving more difficult than initially thought. It is causing the expected constipation and burning, both of which are mild. Dr. Song told me that the tumors are virtually gone, he cannot feel them anymore (which I can corroborate myself) during the daily digital rectal exam prior to the injections (go look that one up). It is a real party.

For the record, I saw Dr. Song leave the clinic one night after everyone was finished. I had stayed in the area and just happened to catch him without his lab coat, walking on the street. The Wizard was wearing cutoff shorts, an old t-shirt and sandals, hunched over contemplating perhaps whether common sodium bicarbonate has merit as a 6% solution in fighting cancer, or some such thought. He had learned of this theory from a patient I will chronicle in a future post. He said he was willing to do the research. Imagine that, a guy who has a track record of curing intractable diseases is willing to consider a new weapon in his arsenal? Then again, it is how he got here. Dr. Song was not willing to accept the status quo or conventional wisdom.

That’s enough for today, I promised to keep these to under 10 minutes. There is so much more to share! The stories of the guys here, Whitney’s arrival and our time together on the streets of Xiangtan…. But I will leave you with this.

Cancer IS curable, now.

If you don’t believe this, check out the documentary of the same title, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R7K3OhaYLs&t=1937s It is long, and really kicks in about the 35 minute mark.

And check out the stunning testimonials of the Hoxsey Biomedical Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. http://www.hoxseybiomedical.com/patient-testimonials/

Happy seeking, sisters and brothers, let’s meet further down the yellow brick road,


Updated in May 2019: Half a year after the end of 3D treatment, the patient’s tumor has completely disappeared through a comprehensive review.