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Mr. Chen, Gordan Chan from Hong Kong

I am Gordan Chan, 30 years old. I was quite healthy before I had prostatitis. Prostatitis, used to be titles I will only see on magazines or news paper, and I never thought I will also get this disease. Since I got prostatitis, I was always in pain, but the most painful part is my experience of getting prostatitis treatments. I will never forget that. I am completely cured now, I really thank 3D Treatment clinic for giving me a chance to be cured, and let me know what’s benevolent heart and benevolent method, what’s real doctor. My experience of having this disease makes me have great doubt to the health-care system and private doctors in Hong Kong and Macao. The following is my experience of suffering from prostatitis and getting prostatitis treatments.
In November 2005, I got urethritis when I was working in Macao. I went to a private clinic. The doctor said I had gonorrhea, and he gave me injections and oral medicines for 5 days. I checked the data that related to urethritis when I got home, I did not discharge pus, so I suspected I had non-gonococcal urethritis or other problems. Of course, I am not a doctor, so I followed the doctor words, took medicine and got shots for 5 days. After 5 days treatment, I still had pain in my urethra, so I decided to go back to Hong Kong to get treatment. I went back to Hongkong on that day, and went to the Sexually Transmitted Disease Division in healthy center which belongs to the Health Office. I can still remember how bad the attending doctor’s attitude was, he did not answer any of my questions, and only said his routine words that he says to every patient, and then asked me to go to the lab to take my blood and urine sample, but he stressed that no Chlamydia test and I can get the results two weeks later. I felt helpless at that time; I still gave them my blood and urine sample, but did go for results.
The next day, I decided to see private specialists in Mong Kok. In Mong Kok, I met Dr. Ye from dermatovenereology Department. After listening to my illness history, he showed me terrible photos of sexually transmitted disease, and to convince me to receive the full check-up program that will cost me 9000 Hong Kong dollars. At that time, I have no other options, and I was so worried, so I followed his suggestions. Maybe because he is too busy, he took my samples very fast. While taking the sample, he just dug carelessly in my urethra, and did not tell me how to relax, that made me have pain in my urethra for two days. After taking sample, he gave me medicines for 5 days which include Phenazonpyridine HCI, Metronidazole, Ciprofloxacine, Cetirizine, Hydroxyzine, Ranitidine, and Ibuprofen. Some of the medicines are antibiotics, some of them are anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines, some are medicine for treating gastritis, and some are medicines for depression. Too many kinds of medicines, and I think he gave me some of the medicine just for money. Of course, the cost was quite amazing, include the full check-up program, it cost me $15000.The follow-up appointment was to see the test results, nothing abnormal, only some Escherichia coli and small amount of Candida in my urethra. All other tests are negative. I still had discomfort in my urethra at that time, but no pain like before, that doctor gave me medicines for another two weeks. Include: 1.Phenazonpyridine HCI 2. Metronidazole 3. Ciprofloxacin 4. Diclofenac 5. Famotidine 6. Diphenylpyraline 8. chlorotheophyllinate 7. Dexchlorpheniramine tab 8. Miconazole Nitrate H.C. cream. This time, some of the medicines are also antibiotics, some are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, some are medicines for gastritis, and some anti-allergy medicines. More medicines than last time and cost me $6000. After seeing the report, I felt a bit better, though I still had discomfort in the glans and inside my urethra, I tried to ignore that.

In that year, I had red spots in my glans, and the color got deeper and deeper, and the pain in my groin area, left testicle, and right waist, and frequent urination started. I started to search information of glans inflammation, and found that this can be caused by fungus, trichomonas, Chlamydia, mycoplasma, anaerobe bacteria and so on. I checked my test reports I had in Hong Kong when I got home, found out that I had all the tests done except Chlamydia test. In January 2007, I heard there is a doctor who is specialized in treating sexually transmitted disease from radio advertisement. I made an appointment with that doctor, and was told to sign an agreement before I meet that doctor, this made me nervous. When I saw that doctor for the first time, I told him my illness history and the symptoms i had recently. According to my symptoms, he suspected that I had prostatitis, and he told me a lot of symptoms of prostatitis. From then I knew my condition was not good. He checked my urine, Chlamydia was positive in my urine test. I knew what the cause of my problems is by that time. Based on the test results, that doctor gave Levofloxacin and Azithromycin for two weeks. The following three months, I went there for many times, and I took the medicines he gave me for three months, but my symptoms remained. The doctor said I cannot stop taking the medicines until all my symptoms disappeared, but I already had discomfort in my stomach at that time. But I know even though the doctor knows he cannot cure you, he will still insist on that you need continue to take the medicine. It’s very simple; the cost for medicine is $2000 for every two weeks, and its $ 4000 a month. And this proved that doctors in Hong Kong and Macao are tools make money by giving patients medicines.
I was so depressed at that time. I could not concentrate on my work, and my pain got worse and worse, I felt so helpless. Though a friend’s introduction, I went to St. Paul Hospital which is located in Causeway Bay to see the urologist. That doctor said, prostate is located deep in the pelvic cavity, the blood circulation is not good in that area, and it is not easy to be infected. Once the prostate is infected, it cannot be treated, it’s useless to take antibiotics, but I can give you medicine to ease off your symptoms. I did not blame that doctor for he does not want to try, because he just told me what he read in traditional medical books. I lost hope in traditional western medicine!

Two weeks later, I found a Men’s Hospital in Zhu Hai from the internet, and claiming that they can cure prostatitis. I went there and tried to enquire about their treatment. I only saw few patients over there. When I met the doctor, from what he said, my condition is as bad as a terminal cancer patient, and urged me to receive treatment immediately, but he did not tell me what treatment method they are using. I asked him again and again and got the answer, that they will put a catheter into my prostate from my urethra and fill the antibiotics into my prostate. I told him that I did not bring enough money, he asked me to come back tomorrow, and before I left, he prescribed me 400 Yuan’s medicines, and asked me to bring RMB7000 when I come tomorrow. Of course, I did not go back, that’s just another disappointed experience.

Despaired, but I did not give up in finding treatment methods. Finally in March, when I was searching prostatitis treatment on line, I found the web page of 3D treatment ofThe 3D Treatment Clinic, and there are many successful cases of domestic and oversea patients. I called them to enquiry about their treatment immediately. It was Dr. Lee who answered my call, he listened to my illness history and past treatments very patiently, and explained the 3D treatment and life arrangement during the treatment very clearly, but I told him that I need think about it. The awful experience in Zhuhai made me a bit hesitant, but I was also worried about sanitation conditions and afraid of being cheating. I read 3D therapy again and again, and what they said that pathogens can be killed after dissolving blockage and calcification make sense to me, so I contacted Dr. Lee again. The stuff arranged accommodation and translator and made appointment with the doctor for me, and asked me to go to local hospital to have a prostate ultrasound, and brought the report to the doctor.

Arrived in Hunan, I went to the clinic to see the environment and my attending doctor-Dr. Lee. first. The environment of the clinic is much better than domestic hospitals, and it’s very clean. When I met Dr. Lee, told him my condition. He explained my ultrasound report to me, located the calcified area, and made treatment plan for me. He was very patient and concerned about my mental condition, and gave me great confidence and support. On the same day, he took my prostate fluid and urethral swab, and asked the nurse to take my blood sample, and did culture for bacteria, Chlamydia, mycoplasma and virus with these samples. It is worth to mention that Dr. Lee taught me how to breathe to ease off the pain while he is taking my urethral swab, not like other former doctor just dug carelessly. After taking the sample, I did have mild pain while urinating, but recovered quickly. I met many other home and abroad patients in The 3D Treatment Clinic. On the first day, I met a patient from Australia , he has been suffering from prostatitis for more than ten years, he had Chlamydia, three kinds of bacteria and one intestinal virus, and after more than twenty days treatment, the Chlamydia was killed. He spoke very highly of Dr Song’s therapy, and shared his painful treating experience with me, and said Dr. Song ’s treatment method is the best in the world. This is a great booster to me!

Some results came out on the second day, and some came out on the third day (they told me that culture for bacteria takes 48 hours). Finally they found out that I had Chlamydia and E coli infection. Dr. Lee started to treat me with local injections to my epididymis, seminal vesicles, prostate and urethra. During the whole treatment period, Dr. Lee talked to me for a while and answered my questions every day before giving me shots. He was really cared about my sleep, bowel and appetite. The first a few days were difficult to me, I was very nervous, because the injection is a little bit painful though it only last for about 30 seconds. Dr Lee chatted with me friendly every day, scattered my attention to alleviate my pain. Dr. Lee was very skillful in doing local injections. He knows the whole urological system well. He is the most skillful doctor among the doctors I have seen in Hong Kong, Macao and Zhuhai. He explained in most of the cases the pathogens are resistant to the medicine because the concentration of the medicine is not strong enough or the medicine cannot reach the infected area which has no blood vessels. He also said the medicines I got from other doctors are right medicine, but because the medicines reached the infected area were not strong enough, could not eliminate the pathogens. During the whole period of my treatment, Dr. Lee gave me shots to different areas. Some of my symptoms like read spots on my glans, pain in my left testicle and right waist, and frequent urination disappeared after 20 days treatment. Though the pain in my groin area remained, Dr. Lee told me that the tissue was damaged by the infection, and it takes time for the tissue to recover, I was not worry about that.

In The 3D Treatment Clinic, I met other prostatitis suffers, an American, a Polish and some Chinese. They were infected with different pathogens, but they all satisfied with their treatment effects. During the treatment period, there were some days I did not fell well, and I was worried that I could not be cured, but the doctor’s profession, concentration and concern really alleviate a lot of unnecessary worries. Actually, it was a surprise to me the staff in The 3D Treatment Clinic work very conscientiously. In the past, I went to other domestic hospital, the medical staff work carelessly, it is totally different in The 3D Treatment Clinic. Every time they do a test they will let you the purpose of doing the test. They even let me see my semen and my particles under the microscope; this is the first time in my life. We put our urine in empty bottles, and brought the bottles to the doctor and let him check if there were particles in the urine. During the middle of my treatment period, Dr. Lee and the laboratory technician checked my prostate fluid and urine sample for several times. By the end of my treatment, I had another thorough test to check all the pathogens; I knew I was pathogens free before I got the test results. When I got the results, I felt relief. Thanks Dr. Lee very much.
It’s almost two years since I got protatitis till I am completely recovered. I am so lucky compared with those patients who have been suffering from prostatitis for ten or twenty years, though I also had several setbacks. All in all, my experience of getting treatment in 
The 3D Treatment Clinic is quite good to me; feel like I am on vacation.

The final update from the 3D prostatitis clinic:

Mr. Chen from Hong Kong, 27 years old, he had prostatitis for two years. He tried different antibiotics all failed. The full set of lab testing at the 3D Prostatitis Clinic showed he has prostatitis, prostate blockage and calcification, and infection with multiple pathogens. He received 30 days of 3D treatment , he was completely cured, and eventually back to health.