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Rob from USA

I am currently 35 years old and reside in Nebraska, USA. My prostate issues started 5 years ago in the summer of 2002. I began to have symptoms of pain in the “lower region” and went to a general family practice MD. I went seeking an answer and he couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I told him that this pain was coming from somewhere in the lower region but I found it difficult to describe the location. He asked if it was prostate pain. I told him that I didn’t even know what a prostate was, let alone if it hurt or not. At that point, I felt that I might have said the wrong words because he grabbed the rubber glove and I thought, oh no the rubber glove test. I assumed the position like a good patient and he just touched the prostate and I screamed. I never experienced anything like it. His diagnosis was that I had prostatitis.
He prescribed a 10-day supply of antibiotics. My wife and I did some research and looked at the different prostatitis clinics around the US. I never thought about going internationally because America is supposed to be the best in the world for medicine, right? Why go international when a person hasn’t exhausted all of ones resources here in the US. This is the thought process that my wife and I had. You will find out during this testimony; that this decision would come back to haunt us.

We first chose for me to get treatment at the Prostatitis Center in Tucson with Dr. Polacheck. I went there with the main symptoms of prostate pain and perineal pain. He ran his testing procedures and it was found that I had Staphococcus. I began to use a ridiculous amount of antibiotics that was prescribed by Dr. Polacheck and began prostate massages to “eradicate and push out the bacteria”. I stayed on the antibiotics/massages for two years and made periodic trips to check my condition. I eventually was symptom free and had no prostate or perineal pain during the treatment. The problem was that every time that I tried to come off the antibiotics or reduce the prostate massages; my symptoms would return in just a few days. My body began having trouble digesting all of these antibiotics. From a mental and physical standpoint, I was unable and unwilling to stay on antibiotics and massages on a daily basis. This was not the life that I was willing to live. Perhaps it was a short-term solution but long-term; I felt it wasn’t the answer that I was looking for. To this date, I have yet to meet or talk to one person that was cured by Dr. Polacheck. Perhaps he has helped others, but I wasn’t getting the results that I was seeking. I have seen/communicated with many of Dr. Polacheck’s past patients during treatments at Dr. Toth and Dr. Song ’s. You will learn about this later.

After two years of unsuccessful treatment, my wife and I decided that a more aggressive approach was needed. Along came Dr. Toth in New York City, NY. Dr. Toth’s treatment consists of trans-rectal injections, IV treatments, and oral antibiotics. The first procedure is an ultra-sound diagnosis to see the problem areas within the prostate. Dr. Toth said that I had “Extensive Scarring” and that he could get me feeling better but he could not do anything about the scar tissue? Dr. Toth said that he could use his ultrasound-guided needle to penetrate the scarring area and inject antibiotics to kill the bacteria that caused this scarring. His testing results showed that I had Chlamydia. I received medical treatment that consisted of 10 separate visits and 39 injections over two years from Dr. Toth. I found great relief in my symptoms after each visit, but my symptoms would slowly return within 4-6 weeks. I found myself returning to his office about every two to three months. Dr. Toth told me that I might have to continue this regiment forever and that it will keep me status quo. Needless to say, I wasn’t satisfied with these results and comments.

Back to the drawing board, this time my wife and I were getting a bit smarter. I was tired of taking pain pills and antibiotics. My body was crying out for help and we continued research over the Internet without putting any limitations or boundaries. We looked at The 3D Treatment Clinic. this website made sense to us, and the success rate was extremely high. Although we were getting desperate, we refused to get stupid. Not only did we contact their office, but corresponded with several previous patients that received Dr. Song ’s treatment. We learned that these previous patients were finding permanent relief in their problems and symptoms. I also learned that many of these patients received prior treatment from both Dr. Polacheck and Dr. Toth. Some of these patients actually have permanent damage from the treatment from Toth/Polacheck. This damage is from the large gauge needles used in the trans-rectal prostate injections and from aggressive prostate massages both of which can damage the prostate. My wife and I talked it over and decided that if Dr. Song couldn’t get us well, probably nothing would. We were very skeptical at first about traveling to China and the price tag was a little scary for us as we are not wealthy but we put our fears aside and took the plunge. We figured that if we didn’t have our health then we had nothing anyway.

I traveled to China in August 2007 and was greeted by his staff at the airport. The translator was helpful and spoke English very well. I headed over to Dr. Song ’s office to meet the rest of the staff. My first impression of Dr. Song was a positive one. He is a very caring and unique individual. His demeanor showed that he was compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, and had morals/values like no other doctor I have met. He asked about my trip, immediately made me feel at ease, and went to work on my prostatitis case. He asked pertinent questions and gave me an extensive evaluation like I have never seen before. The same day I arrived he began testing my semen, blood, and prostate fluid. I asked Dr. Song about my situation and if there was a chance of me getting back to normal. He was very confident in my case after the tests results. After a few days, he showed me my results of my ultrasound. He said that I had extensive calcification. I was told that my calcification was located on one side of the seminal vesicle and both sides of the prostate. A previous doctor educated me; (Dr. Toth) that this was “scar-tissue”. Dr. Song said no it wasn’t; wait right here. He went back into his office and pulled several patients charts. He began to show me different ultrasounds from several different patients to explain the difference between scar tissue and calcification. He said calcification can be removed and scar tissue most likely cannot. He explained that I may have scar tissue in my prostate but until you remove the calcification; one will not know. I had extensive calcification. On a scale of 1- 10; my calcification is about 8.5 or so in severity.

Dr. Song and his staff are extremely thorough and don’t leave a stone unturned. Within a couple of days of my arrival, I learned that I had Streptococcus. After the second day of injections; I felt like a new man. I felt better than perfect. Dr. Song ’s staff does ongoing continuous testing procedures during the course of treatment. Suddenly, another pathogen was discovered, fungus. I started getting treatment for fungus; this time I felt worse than when I arrived. I became faithful in Dr. Song  and I was willing to put my life in his hands. I progressed and got through the fungus treatment. I started to feel much better and was back to over a 100%. It is normal and typical to have ups and downs during this treatment process. I had other pathogens pop up that include Staphococcus and Proteus. These new pathogens were embedded inside my calcification. Calcification is rock-hard much like concrete. Once it gets loosened up and even soft; these pathogens cannot hide anywhere and come out. Once the calcification leaves the body, symptoms disappear. Overall a huge improvement was noticed in me. I was confident that this treatment would work for me and was excited to see my progression. I have also seen the progression in other patients. One can network with other patients and actually be a support group for one another. Unlike the previous doctors mentioned, Dr. Song  encourages communication with other patients. Prostatitis is a disease that is mental as well as physical. I discovered that prostatitis patients do have different symptoms. Some have problems with erection, urethra pain, sperm count/quality, testicle pain, pain in the joints, testicles issues, urination issues, etc….. I realize that many of you may have symptoms that aren’t necessarily listed here. It is a puzzle and everybody is different but Dr. Song  has the ability to figure out each individual case.

Dr. Song does sensitivity testing to find out what drugs work best in your situation and body. One challenge for Dr. Song
in my case is my treatment history. My overuse of antibiotics and Trans-rectal injections had interfered with my immune system and reaction to drugs. It was a challenge that can be overcome but sometimes would require longer treatment. If I had come out to China initially; I would heal quicker in every aspect.

One huge difference that makes Dr. Song ’s treatment work that others fail is the treatment and removal of calcification/blockages. This knowledge and expertise is one of a kind. The removal of this calcification/blockage is permanent once eradicated. Many times this calcification can press on nerves in the prostate and create pain. This pain can radiate to all sorts of areas within the body. All it takes is one piece of calcification on the wrong spot/area and one could create havoc with pain. I use to have a feeling of a golf ball or lump of coal up my rear end but that feeling has gone away along with much of my calcification.

In addition, the clinic’s lab testing and cultures are second to none he found pathogens in me that no one else was able to isolate. He also let me see these pathogens for myself under the microscope and explained to me what I was looking at. He found strep, fungus, staph and proteus in my prostate.

I came to China with the intent to receive treatment from Dr. Song for 40 days. After seeing my progression after the first week, I convinced my wife to come out for treatment. She suffered from pelvic inflammatory disease and interstitial cystitis (similar symptoms to that of prostatitis). I extended my stay and treatment to a total of 55 days to accommodate my wife. At the end of my treatment Dr. Song told me that a second visit to remove the still remaining calcification was unnecessary because my symptoms were caused by inflammation and infection and not calcification. What calcification I had remaining was very soft and Dr. Song  felt confident that the antibiotics would have penetrated it and killed the pathogens hiding inside. I still have about 35% of the calcification remaining upon the completion of 55 days of treatment. Dr. Song got me completely pathogen free, eradicated 65% of my calcification in the prostate, and all of the calcification in my seminal vesicle, on my first trip. I am planning a second trip to China in February 2008 to have the remainder of the calcification removed. It isn’t medically necessary but I want to take advantage of Dr. Song ’s skill and expertise to have a 100% healthy normal prostate in all facets.

Coming from Nebraska, China was a big trip for me. I was extremely nervous about the travel and medical facilities in another country. I felt extremely welcome by all the people that I met. The Chinese culture is one that is extremely polite and accommodating. The medical facilities at The 3D Treatment Clinic were neat and clean. It took a few days to get comfortable to the new culture. I was told on the first day that I would miss China when I leave. I thought to myself that this was a huge exaggeration. Sure enough, at the completion of my trip, I was missing China already and we hadn’t left yet. I am looking forward to my second trip to get rid of my calcification, enjoy the local food, and to see my friends again at The 3D Treatment Clinic.

Best regards,

The final update from the 3D prostatitis clinic:

Rob from USA, 35 years old. He had prostatitis for 5 years. He tried different oral antibiotics and injections, all failed. The full set of lab testing at the 3D Prostatitis Clinic showed he has severe prostatitis, severe prostate blockage and calcification, spermatocystis, epididymitis, and infection with multiple pathogens. His wife was suffering from pelvic inflammatory diease which caused by mutiple pathogens. Rob received two rounds of 3D treatment, he was completely cured, and back to normal health. His wife received 20 days of 3D PID treatment, she was also cured, and back to norml health.