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The Importance of Stress Reduction in Overall Health

Stress is increasingly becoming a root problem in most health conditions, and is an especially significant element in global pain and fatigue conditions such as fibromyalgia. Physical and occupational stressors are commonly encountered throughout life and may include a busy schedule, a demanding occupation, managing children and family life, financial burdens, a heavy school load, planning for a large event such as new move or job, and the never-ending pinging of electronic devices and communications invading everyday life.

Emotional stress is more complex and often stems from weightier matters such as relationship difficulties, abuse, death, fear and anxiety.

While everyone experiences temporary physical stressors throughout their life, emotional stressors can linger and lead to damaging feelings of despair and hopelessness if there’s no resolution. Both forms of stress can have a significant impact on physical and mental health, reducing the body’s resiliency and arresting the healing process.

The health effects of chronic stress have been the subject of many studies in recent years, owing to the fact that stress has been linked to increased risks of cardiovascular disease and upper respiratory diseases, not to mention psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety disorders, widespread inflammation, and autoimmune conditions. In light of this, the fight for optimal health requires a serious commitment to daily stress reduction.

An individual’s stress response is highly dependent on genetics, coping mechanisms, personality, and the presence of social and familial support. Any type of stress puts excess pressure and demands on the body, prompting various biological systems to respond. Individuals with a high level of resiliency and a strong support system are often able to cope with and manage greater levels of stress, compared to those whose constitution is weak and who lack the support of others.

Chronic stress triggers the production of cortisol and catecholamines such as dopamine and norepinephrine– hormones which activate the “fight or flight” response. As these hormones surge through the body, they suppress the immune system by blocking the production of various immune cells. Stress hormones also disturb normal sleep patterns and cognitive function as they interact with and alter brain neurotransmitters.

Temporary stress is unlikely to create long-term positive health effects; however, chronic stress easily disrupts several biological systems, illustrating why it has become a root element in chronic health conditions, and especially in global pain and fatigue disorders such as fibromyalgia.

Stress-Reducing Activities

One of the most basic behaviors that can help in reducing stress and improving health is to decide whether or not you are over-committed. Life is full of opportunities, but the human body is limited in its capacity. Learning to focus on a few important commitments— while simultaneously forgoing less important opportunities— will help prevent stress associated with over-commitment. Establishing boundaries and fully committing to a few select obligations often produces a deeper sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Regularly participating in some form of mind-focusing exercise is shown to have significantly positive impacts on stress levels and mental health. Meditation, prayer and guided imagery are all excellent tools for focusing the mind. Meditation trains the brain to become aware of the moment and to be single-focused. Chronic stress often exerts itself as “mind-racing” and hyper-vigilance. Regular meditation brings thoughts into focus, improves attention, facilitatea problem-solving, reducing all stress biomarkers, and improves cardiovascular risk factors.

Similarly, prayer is a form of religious meditation that confers all the same benefits as other forms of meditation. Throughout history, it has been noted that religious practices such as prayer are significantly beneficial for reducing anxiety, improving mood and mental outlook, pain tolerance, and general health. Guided imagery is a powerful relaxation tool that encourages optimism and positive thoughts. It has also been proven to improve sleep, pain, anxiety and depression.

Creating a calming environment through the use of music and light is a simple way to sustain a state of relaxation. Like guided imagery, music therapy promotes positive emotions while reducing anxiety and stress. Classical music, particularly, has been shown to positively stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to slow the heart rate and relax muscles. Colored light has the ability to affect brain hormones such as serotonin and melatonin, both of which are important for establishing a healthy wake/sleep cycle and contribute to positive moods. Specific colors have been used to foster specific moods in the practice of chromotherapy. Most individuals notice the positive effects of warm sunlight compared to the cold, fearful feelings provoked by dark, shadowy colors. Aromatherapy is yet another means of generating a calming environment, helpful for reducing stress.

Stress-Reducing Botanicals/Nutrients

Various botanicals may be helpful for supporting the biological systems that are weakened by stress.. Panax ginsengEleutherococcus senticosus, and Rhodiola rosea, are among the best known species of plants in a class of botanicals known as adaptogens. These botanicals support the adrenal glands and balance the production of stress hormones, thereby improving the body’s resiliency to stress and helping to recover. However, some of these classic adaptogens can be somewhat stimulating to the system and can make issues such as anxiety and hyper-vigilance issues even worse. I prefer using calming or neutral adaptogens mainly such as Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha).

Other botanicals can help reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve sleep by supporting neurotransmitters in the brain. These botanicals include valerian, chamomile, lemon balm, Bacopa, passionflower, and hops. Natural brain hormones such as melatonin and 5-HTP are temporarily helpful when disrupted sleep patterns and increased pain perception prevent recovery from stress. Similarly, amino acids such as L-theanine, L-tryptophan, and L-tyrosine can be useful in boosting natural hormone production. (Note: L-tyrosine may provide an unwanted stimulatory effect in some circumstances so it should be used under the guidance of a licensed naturopathic physician or other health care professional skilled in managing the stress response with nutritional and botanical agents.)

Stress is a major contributor to many health conditions. It’s both a roadblock to healing, as well as a root cause of poor health. Stress-reduction often clears the muddy waters of poor health and allows for a better representation of any genuine health concerns, making it an essential lifestyle modification.

One of the biggest myths about obesity is that it’s caused by laziness or indulgence. It’s not. It’s caused by your body reacting to stressors.

In response to stress, your body will store food to prepare for famine, and you will gain weight. Some stressors are obvious, but many are not. Some are as silent and invisible as the bacteria in our intestines.

In a startling study, Dr. Gewirtz at Cornell University showed that the weight of mice could be changed by over 15 percent just by shifting their intestinal bacteria. Along with weight changes, the bacteria present changed the mice’s chemistry in ways that could predict heart disease, high blood pressure and risks for diabetes. Related work has shown this same connection to intestinal bacteria also exists in humans. In fact, transplanting bacteria from the intestinal tracts of obese humans has been shown to trigger obesity in normal-weight mice.

How can bacteria cause weight gain, and how can you make sure your bacteria do not?

First, it’s important to realize that 99 percent of our intestinal bacteria are unable to use oxygen. Bacteria that can’t use oxygen are called anaerobes. This is important because all the foods with bacteria (like sauerkraut and yogurt)— as well as all the bacteria in probiotic supplements– only contain bacteria that live in oxygen. These foods and supplements—terrific as they may be— have little or no effect on the anaerobes that run the show.

Of the many types of anaerobes, the two that are most directly involved with obesity are the Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes. Most studies have shown that the more Bacteroidetes you have (compared to your Firmicutes), the leaner you will be. So, if you want to be firm and cute, you want moreBacteroidetes, and fewer Firmicutes.

The reason these bacteria affect our weight is because they regulate how much fat we absorb. Imagine two identical twins eating exactly 2,000 calories, but with different ratios of Bacteroidetes to Firmicutes. The one with the higher ratio of Firmicutes to Bacteroidetes will absorb more calories than the other and be more apt to gain weight while eating the exact same diet.

In light of the growing rates of obesity, a good question to ask would be, “what is causing these bacteria to shift in ways that would lead to weight gain?

One explanation is the remarkable changes in our lifestyle over the past few decades. We now:

  • Use more antimicrobial soaps and hand sanitizers.
  • Are exposed to more environmental pollutants.
  • Live under higher amounts of stress.

It’s easy to see the effect of the hand santizers and environmental pollutants. Antimicrobial soaps and hand sanitizers are problems because they kill good bacteria as well as bad ones. Environmental pollutants are toxic to good bacteria, just as they’re toxic to us.. But the connection of stress to bacteria is less obvious. How could stress affect bacteria?

Here’s how. Mental and emotional stress triggers the release of adrenal stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline. These stress hormones act on the brain and stimulate the vagus nerve, an important nerve that forms a kind of circuit between the brain and the heart, lungs and, tellingly, the gut .. Stress reduces the blood supply needed to properly digest foods and manage the balance of bacteria. And this tie between your brain and gut is a two-way street, because stress hurts your digestion, and poor digestion makes you feel more stressed. When this vicious cycle gets rolling, your Bacteroidetes are reduced, and you gain weight more easily.

Here are some things you can do to help yourself right now:

  1. Eat a high-fiber diet with good carbs. Because Firmicutes are needed to absorb fats, higher fat diets cause you to have more of them, leading to weight gain.
  2. Avoid sugars and processed carbs. Firmicutes are so well-suited to grow on sugars that they’re known to grow rampantly in factories that process sugar-cane into table sugar.
  3. Raise your intake of beans. Beans are among the very best foods to raise your Bacteroidetes.(7) If you can’t digest beans, that’s likely a sign that you have too few Bacteroidetes. But rather than avoid beans completely, studies(8) have shown that if you add beans into your diet slowly, and stick with them, the symptoms will go away. To train your bacteria to digest beans well, I encourage you to add just 1 tablespoon of pinto beans daily to the evening meal for two weeks. After two weeks, most people are able to digest more typical amounts.
  4. Sleep and eat on a regular schedule. Cutting-edge data(9) have shown that our intestinal bacteria have a rhythm that changes throughout the day just like our sleep-wake cycle. Shift work, jet lag and erratic meal times can hurt our good bacteria just like antibiotics can.


If there was an infamous superhero which could punch fat right in the face it would be this little microorganism called Bacteroides. Gut Health has been a burning question in science as there are a great abundant of microorganisms living within each and every human. However, with new age technology and has advanced our understanding within the microbiome. Advancements in understanding the genetic code of humans started back in 2003 when scientist mapped out Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) in The Human Genome Project. This lead to a fascinating project in 2008, when scientist started mapping out the microbiota, and finishing The Human Microbiome Project in 2013.  This has allowed the understanding of microorganisms within a commensal community (living alongside/benefiting each other). Learning what is living alongside humans within our microbiota is becoming more important to everyday life as we are learning how much these microbes have an effect on humans on a daily basis. The microorganisms living within our microbiome is approximately 10 times more the number than our own cells that make up the whole human body. Scientist have calculated and estimated that there are 37.2 trillion cells within the human body, so just step back and think about how many microorganisms are living within us .

Within this population it is estimated that 90% of your microbiome is made up of two phylum’s, the Firmicutes, and the Bacteroides. There is a lot of research going into these two bacteria because the more we learn about gut health, the more links there are to obesity and disease epidemics. Within Western culture it seems obesity is becoming more common, and evolution has shown that its not our genes changing as this takes a very long time, however it is our lifestyles that are changing which is affecting our gut flora.

What are Firmicutes:

These little bugs are like hyper active little children hyped on sugar. What they do is tell your body to crave sugars so you consume more junk food so they can live. Firmicutes can also generate inflammation, in which has an impact on slowing down your body’s metabolism. Firmicutes also compete and kill off surrounding microorganisms for their sugar supply. When there is an over consumption of all that extra sugar consumed, unfortunately it will only have one pathway and that is to be converted into fat. Studies have shown that when there is a higher ratio of Firmicutes within the gastrointestinal tract, that there is a link to obesity.

What people don’t know is that these little bugs are everywhere. One of the highest consumed Firmicute microorganism is in fact Lactobacillus acidophilus. This microbe is highly marketed as a probiotic which is meant to be a healthy microbe for your gut, however it could be the reason you are putting on weight. Probiotics are only beneficial if you have had anti-biotics or medication which has killed off good and bad microorganisms within the gut flora and if you need to build them back up.

When there is an imbalance of microorganisms within the gut flora, taking a probiotic is just adding more live bugs to a system which is already full, which is just going to lead to more sugar feeding bacteria.

Firmicutes would have had a positive effect on humans but this would have been a long time ago when humans would not consume as much calories as we do in this day and age. Firmicutes would have helped with the fasting periods to help our bodies to store onto our fat to get humans to the next meal and to also help within the colder months of the year. Just unfortunately things have changed, and we have access to a wide range of abundant foods which we can eat all year long due to importing/exporting from country to country. Within this rapid change comes an imbalance of gut microbes, which is where we are today with diseases, and obesity becoming more common.

What are Bacteroides:

Now let’s talk about the little superhero Bacteroides that never gets mention but is in the background fighting fat cells to make you look good. Studies show that when there are more Bacteroides found within the gut flora, the less likely the subject will have obesity. This is because your Bacteroides are fat feeders which block inflammation within the body which has a great impact on helping speed up the body’s metabolism. Bacteroides are anaerobic bacteria which can live without an oxygen supply which is why they can thrive when polyphenols are consumed. Polyphenols can be explained as the poisons on the skin of fruits, and vegetables which actually fight off invading pathogens. However, most firmicutes are aerobic which need a supply of oxygen to live and tend to die off when there are high amounts of polyphenols entering the gastrointestinal tract.









I am Gordan Chan, 30 years old. I was quite healthy before I had prostatitis. Prostatitis, used to be titles I will only see on magazines or news paper, and I never thought I will also get this disease. Since I got prostatitis, I was always in pain, but the most painful part is my experience of getting prostatitis treatments. I will never forget that. I am completely cured now, I really thank 3D Treatment clinic for giving me a chance to be cured, and let me know what’s benevolent heart and benevolent method, what’s real doctor. My experience of having this disease makes me have great doubt to the health-care system and private doctors in Hong Kong and Macao. The following is my experience of suffering from prostatitis and getting prostatitis treatments.
In November 2005, I got urethritis when I was working in Macao. I went to a private clinic. The doctor said I had gonorrhea, and he gave me injections and oral medicines for 5 days. I checked the data that related to urethritis when I got home, I did not discharge pus, so I suspected I had non-gonococcal urethritis or other problems. Of course, I am not a doctor, so I followed the doctor words, took medicine and got shots for 5 days. After 5 days treatment, I still had pain in my urethra, so I decided to go back to Hong Kong to get treatment. I went back to Hongkong on that day, and went to the Sexually Transmitted Disease Division in healthy center which belongs to the Health Office. I can still remember how bad the attending doctor’s attitude was, he did not answer any of my questions, and only said his routine words that he says to every patient, and then asked me to go to the lab to take my blood and urine sample, but he stressed that no Chlamydia test and I can get the results two weeks later. I felt helpless at that time; I still gave them my blood and urine sample, but did go for results.
The next day, I decided to see private specialists in Mong Kok. In Mong Kok, I met Dr. Ye from dermatovenereology Department. After listening to my illness history, he showed me terrible photos of sexually transmitted disease, and to convince me to receive the full check-up program that will cost me 9000 Hong Kong dollars. At that time, I have no other options, and I was so worried, so I followed his suggestions. Maybe because he is too busy, he took my samples very fast. While taking the sample, he just dug carelessly in my urethra, and did not tell me how to relax, that made me have pain in my urethra for two days. After taking sample, he gave me medicines for 5 days which include Phenazonpyridine HCI, Metronidazole, Ciprofloxacine, Cetirizine, Hydroxyzine, Ranitidine, and Ibuprofen. Some of the medicines are antibiotics, some of them are anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines, some are medicine for treating gastritis, and some are medicines for depression. Too many kinds of medicines, and I think he gave me some of the medicine just for money. Of course, the cost was quite amazing, include the full check-up program, it cost me $15000.The follow-up appointment was to see the test results, nothing abnormal, only some Escherichia coli and small amount of Candida in my urethra. All other tests are negative. I still had discomfort in my urethra at that time, but no pain like before, that doctor gave me medicines for another two weeks. Include: 1.Phenazonpyridine HCI 2. Metronidazole 3. Ciprofloxacin 4. Diclofenac 5. Famotidine 6. Diphenylpyraline 8. chlorotheophyllinate 7. Dexchlorpheniramine tab 8. Miconazole Nitrate H.C. cream. This time, some of the medicines are also antibiotics, some are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, some are medicines for gastritis, and some anti-allergy medicines. More medicines than last time and cost me $6000. After seeing the report, I felt a bit better, though I still had discomfort in the glans and inside my urethra, I tried to ignore that.

In that year, I had red spots in my glans, and the color got deeper and deeper, and the pain in my groin area, left testicle, and right waist, and frequent urination started. I started to search information of glans inflammation, and found that this can be caused by fungus, trichomonas, Chlamydia, mycoplasma, anaerobe bacteria and so on. I checked my test reports I had in Hong Kong when I got home, found out that I had all the tests done except Chlamydia test. In January 2007, I heard there is a doctor who is specialized in treating sexually transmitted disease from radio advertisement. I made an appointment with that doctor, and was told to sign an agreement before I meet that doctor, this made me nervous. When I saw that doctor for the first time, I told him my illness history and the symptoms i had recently. According to my symptoms, he suspected that I had prostatitis, and he told me a lot of symptoms of prostatitis. From then I knew my condition was not good. He checked my urine, Chlamydia was positive in my urine test. I knew what the cause of my problems is by that time. Based on the test results, that doctor gave Levofloxacin and Azithromycin for two weeks. The following three months, I went there for many times, and I took the medicines he gave me for three months, but my symptoms remained. The doctor said I cannot stop taking the medicines until all my symptoms disappeared, but I already had discomfort in my stomach at that time. But I know even though the doctor knows he cannot cure you, he will still insist on that you need continue to take the medicine. It’s very simple; the cost for medicine is $2000 for every two weeks, and its $ 4000 a month. And this proved that doctors in Hong Kong and Macao are tools make money by giving patients medicines.
I was so depressed at that time. I could not concentrate on my work, and my pain got worse and worse, I felt so helpless. Though a friend’s introduction, I went to St. Paul Hospital which is located in Causeway Bay to see the urologist. That doctor said, prostate is located deep in the pelvic cavity, the blood circulation is not good in that area, and it is not easy to be infected. Once the prostate is infected, it cannot be treated, it’s useless to take antibiotics, but I can give you medicine to ease off your symptoms. I did not blame that doctor for he does not want to try, because he just told me what he read in traditional medical books. I lost hope in traditional western medicine!

Two weeks later, I found a Men’s Hospital in Zhu Hai from the internet, and claiming that they can cure prostatitis. I went there and tried to enquire about their treatment. I only saw few patients over there. When I met the doctor, from what he said, my condition is as bad as a terminal cancer patient, and urged me to receive treatment immediately, but he did not tell me what treatment method they are using. I asked him again and again and got the answer, that they will put a catheter into my prostate from my urethra and fill the antibiotics into my prostate. I told him that I did not bring enough money, he asked me to come back tomorrow, and before I left, he prescribed me 400 Yuan’s medicines, and asked me to bring RMB7000 when I come tomorrow. Of course, I did not go back, that’s just another disappointed experience.

Despaired, but I did not give up in finding treatment methods. Finally in March, when I was searching prostatitis treatment on line, I found the web page of 3D treatment ofThe 3D Treatment Clinic, and there are many successful cases of domestic and oversea patients. I called them to enquiry about their treatment immediately. It was Dr. Lee who answered my call, he listened to my illness history and past treatments very patiently, and explained the 3D treatment and life arrangement during the treatment very clearly, but I told him that I need think about it. The awful experience in Zhuhai made me a bit hesitant, but I was also worried about sanitation conditions and afraid of being cheating. I read 3D therapy again and again, and what they said that pathogens can be killed after dissolving blockage and calcification make sense to me, so I contacted Dr. Lee again. The stuff arranged accommodation and translator and made appointment with the doctor for me, and asked me to go to local hospital to have a prostate ultrasound, and brought the report to the doctor.

Arrived in Hunan, I went to the clinic to see the environment and my attending doctor-Dr. Lee. first. The environment of the clinic is much better than domestic hospitals, and it’s very clean. When I met Dr. Lee, told him my condition. He explained my ultrasound report to me, located the calcified area, and made treatment plan for me. He was very patient and concerned about my mental condition, and gave me great confidence and support. On the same day, he took my prostate fluid and urethral swab, and asked the nurse to take my blood sample, and did culture for bacteria, Chlamydia, mycoplasma and virus with these samples. It is worth to mention that Dr. Lee taught me how to breathe to ease off the pain while he is taking my urethral swab, not like other former doctor just dug carelessly. After taking the sample, I did have mild pain while urinating, but recovered quickly. I met many other home and abroad patients in The 3D Treatment Clinic. On the first day, I met a patient from Australia , he has been suffering from prostatitis for more than ten years, he had Chlamydia, three kinds of bacteria and one intestinal virus, and after more than twenty days treatment, the Chlamydia was killed. He spoke very highly of Dr Song’s therapy, and shared his painful treating experience with me, and said Dr. Song ’s treatment method is the best in the world. This is a great booster to me!

Some results came out on the second day, and some came out on the third day (they told me that culture for bacteria takes 48 hours). Finally they found out that I had Chlamydia and E coli infection. Dr. Lee started to treat me with local injections to my epididymis, seminal vesicles, prostate and urethra. During the whole treatment period, Dr. Lee talked to me for a while and answered my questions every day before giving me shots. He was really cared about my sleep, bowel and appetite. The first a few days were difficult to me, I was very nervous, because the injection is a little bit painful though it only last for about 30 seconds. Dr Lee chatted with me friendly every day, scattered my attention to alleviate my pain. Dr. Lee was very skillful in doing local injections. He knows the whole urological system well. He is the most skillful doctor among the doctors I have seen in Hong Kong, Macao and Zhuhai. He explained in most of the cases the pathogens are resistant to the medicine because the concentration of the medicine is not strong enough or the medicine cannot reach the infected area which has no blood vessels. He also said the medicines I got from other doctors are right medicine, but because the medicines reached the infected area were not strong enough, could not eliminate the pathogens. During the whole period of my treatment, Dr. Lee gave me shots to different areas. Some of my symptoms like read spots on my glans, pain in my left testicle and right waist, and frequent urination disappeared after 20 days treatment. Though the pain in my groin area remained, Dr. Lee told me that the tissue was damaged by the infection, and it takes time for the tissue to recover, I was not worry about that.

In The 3D Treatment Clinic, I met other prostatitis suffers, an American, a Polish and some Chinese. They were infected with different pathogens, but they all satisfied with their treatment effects. During the treatment period, there were some days I did not fell well, and I was worried that I could not be cured, but the doctor’s profession, concentration and concern really alleviate a lot of unnecessary worries. Actually, it was a surprise to me the staff in The 3D Treatment Clinic work very conscientiously. In the past, I went to other domestic hospital, the medical staff work carelessly, it is totally different in The 3D Treatment Clinic. Every time they do a test they will let you the purpose of doing the test. They even let me see my semen and my particles under the microscope; this is the first time in my life. We put our urine in empty bottles, and brought the bottles to the doctor and let him check if there were particles in the urine. During the middle of my treatment period, Dr. Lee and the laboratory technician checked my prostate fluid and urine sample for several times. By the end of my treatment, I had another thorough test to check all the pathogens; I knew I was pathogens free before I got the test results. When I got the results, I felt relief. Thanks Dr. Lee very much.
It’s almost two years since I got protatitis till I am completely recovered. I am so lucky compared with those patients who have been suffering from prostatitis for ten or twenty years, though I also had several setbacks. All in all, my experience of getting treatment in 
The 3D Treatment Clinic is quite good to me; feel like I am on vacation.

The final update from the 3D prostatitis clinic:

Mr. Chen from Hong Kong, 27 years old, he had prostatitis for two years. He tried different antibiotics all failed. The full set of lab testing at the 3D Prostatitis Clinic showed he has prostatitis, prostate blockage and calcification, and infection with multiple pathogens. He received 30 days of 3D treatment , he was completely cured, and eventually back to health.

I am a patient of Dr. Song here in Changsha China and I would like to share my experience with those you who are suffering from this debilitating and life restricting illness – Chronic Prostatitis.

I’m from Scotland in the UK and I have suffered from chronic prostatitis for the past 6 1/2 years. I contracted it on holiday after an unfortunate sexual encounter back in 2001.

My life became very restricted after all these symptoms came about – weak erection, urine flow, ejaculation, dull pain and very low energy and depression. After seeking help from numerous urologists around the world I became more and more frustrated at the lack of improvement and understanding in my condition – my luck turned

when I found 3D clinic ’s website in 2005.The methods he advertised made complete sense and seemed so practically orientated. I made my decision to take the trip to Changsha, China and I arrived here for the first time in October 2006.

I was greeted by Belinda, one of Dr. Song ’s translators – a very pleasant, warm and fluent young lady who was courtious, efficient and very accommodating to my condition given Id come from half way round the world.

I went to the clinic where Dr. Song  is based and was immediately impressed at how clean, hygenic and comfortable the surroundings were. I had my first consultation with Dr. Song
and he struck me right away as a very humble, kind, gentle and compassionate individual who radiated confidence and understanding in what he was doing. He clearly explained to me what his practice stood for and what tests were conducted and why. We went straight away to work and semen, blood, urine and prostate fluid samples were taken to identify pathogen, such as mycoplasma, chlamydia, virus, fungus and numerous bacteria which I believe are unknown to many western practices.

I was found to have a very nasty mixed infection – Blood test revealed Chlamydia. Semen analysis revealed weak semen with low mobility. Prostate fluid revealed 2 out of 3 Mycroplasma – Mycroplasma Genitalium and Ureaplasma Urealyticum. In addition to this I had Staphylococcus and Corynebacterium.5 different infections!!

Dr. Song then performed a lengthy and extensive DRE to physically feel the hardness of my prostate with his finger. The procedure was tolerable and I could tell he knew exactly what he was looking for.

To add to this the pathogens were calcified on an area which covered 55-60% of my prostate due to the length of time in the prostate and the continued usage of useless antibiotics which continually weakened my immune system. Both my seminal vesicles were calcified and I had epididymitis. I was clearly in a very bad condition.

Dr. Song then put my case together and through his other translator Jeremy – a very fluent, kind and attentive individual – put an extensive and detailed treatment program together to eradicate and kill ALL pathogens from my prostate and connecting organs.

The treatment lasted 35 days and I experienced significant discharge/unblocking simultaneously with killing all pathogens during this time.

I received 2 shots per day around my reproductive system and was always informed of what areas were to be treated and how my progress was going before these daily treatments.

I was very comfortable with Dr. Song as he has such a realistic and humane understanding of this condition and such a conventional and efficient approach in his treatment.
This diagnosis would never have been possible without his methods – absolutely no way.
No Dr in the west holds the skill to perform these treatments and understanding of this disease like Dr. Song -PERIOD.

I’ve just finished a second 35-day round of treatment to discharge and permanently unblock the remaining calcification in my prostate. I have been told and been shown extensive and comprehensive proof through an ultrasound (at the start and the end of each period of treatment) that my prostate is 85% clear of calcification. Given the severity of my infection and the mass area it actually covered this treatment is the only kind in the world that could have possibly worked. Given the 2 months of treatment and the $$$ I spent I have absolutely no regrets coming to see Dr. Song for treatment.

I will come back for a third and final round of discharge and I have been assured that I will be 100% clear of all calcification and after 3-6 months after this, my prostate will be back to normal function again.
I am honored to have had the good fortune to be treated by someone as noble and compassionate as Dr. Song . He has the highest respect and wishes the utmost to his patients. Periodically he invites his patients to dinner with his team of Drs and this is an excellent way to maintain a sound relationship with his patients.

To sum it all up – those of you who are considering Dr. Song
as your cure – LOOK NO FURTHER – He WILL cure you. He is a man of considerable caliber, dignity, knowledge and honor. He even helped treat my sinuses for free on the first trip. My case was a very very severe one and most likely will not be many out there like mine – even more so to come because he has fixed me 85%. I can’t wait to come back in March 2008 for my final round.

Yes, it is a lot of money to spend and a long way to come but – WHATS MORE IMPORTANT – money is dead; your health is your life. It has been worth every single penny and more.

Changsha is a very inexpensive and safe place to come to – the people are very warm, polite and friendly. The cost of living I found to be extremely reasonable and the food and beverage was of a high standard. I stayed 5 minutes walk from The 3D Treatment Clinic at the Friendly hotel for about US$45 a night.

Anyone wish to ask any questions I will be more than happy to oblige as I want everyone to know how wonderful this experience has been – knowing and experiencing LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

All the very best and again – a huge THANK YOU to Dr. Song
and his efficient team for providing such a safe environment and effective treatment that actually works.

The final update from the 3D prostatitis clinic:

Dave from Scotland, 38 years old. He had prostatitis for six and half years. He tried various of prostatitis treatments all failed. The full set of lab testing at the 3D Prostatitis Clinic showed he has severe prostatitis, severe prostate blockage and calcification, epididymitis, spermatocystis, seminal vesicle blockage and calcification, and infection with multiple pathogens. After received two rounds of 3D treatment , he was completely cured, and eventually back to health.

I am a 38 years old man from Yugoslavia. I have been suffering from Chronic Prostatitis for about 6 years. Then I went to see Dr Song in December 2006. I had a lot of prostatitis symptoms,and my symptoms were very severe and really diminished my quality of life.I had been to many well-known urologists in the world such as in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Slovenia.

In Bulgaria (2001), after detail analysis, one doctor give me antibiotics against STD, but every time symptoms relapse two months’ later. Because of my difficult urination, one time they say to me I had urethral stricture, they gave me a surgeon, and it did not help.

In Germany (2002) after detail analysis such as cytoskopy, tomography, fluorometry, ultrasound etc. they say to me that I am completely healthy and everything is OK. But my health every time gets worse and worse.

In Slovenia (2004), they also said I am completely healthy.

In Balgrade, they said I have chronical prostatitis, and said this disease is incurable. They gave me some herbs medicine to keep my situation. They could not do too much for my case.

In Italy (2005-2006), I have visited two hospitals. I got some treatment from well-known doctors. The treatment was quite effective. But my symptoms relapse three month’s later. I was diagnosed that I had calcification in my prostate. And the calcification caused my difficulty urination. Doctors recommended me TURP operations to solve difficulty urination. But I thought this operation was risky and decided not to take it.

One of my friends recommended me to a famous hospital in Hangzhou, China. I received twelve days treatment with slight improvement of my symptoms. I kept searching good treatment on the Internet. Finally, I found Dr. Song . After I read the 3d clinic’s website, I started to believe Dr. Song ’s treatment. I told myself this would be my last treatment. If this treatment would not work for me, I will stop to look for any other treatment. I was tired from the treatment.

I came to The 3D Treatment Clinic on December 8th, 2006. Dr. Song provided me a completely lab test together with detail analysis and ultrasound. Dr. Song conducted lab test and found out mycoplasma genitalium, ureaplasma urealyticum, staphylococcus aurous and corynebacteria. Checked by Ultrasound, I have calcification in both sides of my prostate, 15mm*10mm, 17mm*14mm. And there are many small calcifications near my urethra. The calcifications caused me difficult to urinate and ejaculate. After three days’ treatment, my pain started to reduce. After Dr. Song  eradicated all my pathogens, he focused on my calcification. I saw great amount of deposits in my urine. Through one course of treatment, most of symptoms disappeared. Rechecked by Ultrasound, my calcifications have almost gone. Rechecked by lab testing, all pathogens have gone. My life changed to normal. My dream of a completely cure of prostatitis is realized. I Thanked Dr. Song and The 3D Treatment Clinic. I hope they will continue to cure other people who are suffering from this “incurable” disease.

I highly recommend Dr. Song ’s treatment to those people who are suffering from chronical prostatitis.

The final update from the 3D prostatitis clinic:

A patient from Yugoslavia who does not want to disclose his name, 38 years old. He had prostatitis for six years. He had lots of prostate examinations, and tried different treatments, all failed. The full set of lab testing at the 3D Prostatitis Clinic showed he has severe prostatitis, severe prostate blockage and calcification, epididymitis, spermatocystis, and infection with multiple pathogens. Received 40 days of 3D treatment from Dr. Song, he was completely cured, and eventually back to health.

I am from the United States. I have been suffering from Chronic Prostatitis for about 17 Months. I went to see Dr. Song in March of this year (2004). Prior to making the trip I was suffering from Urgency, frequency, pain in the perineum area, prostate pain and pressure, testicle pain, being tired all of the time, and pain below the waist. My symptoms were very severe and really diminished my quality of life. I had been to 3 urologists and had seen and talked to several other Dr’s regarding my condition before finally making the decision to go to China.

Let me tell you, to me the thought of leaving the country for medical treatment was very scary. However, the thought of living with the pain forever was even scarier. So I went to The 3D Treatment Clinic, in March. The treatment was unbelievable… It was a treatment which I found to be multifaceted in its approach to effect a cure of this terrible disease. The Dr. is very skilled in his treatment regimen, and has a very knowledgeable and capable staff which help in administering the many different treatments that they use to attack this disease. Although it is a bit nerve racking to make the trip to China, once I arrived and spent an hour with Dr. Song going over my symptoms, I could tell by his responses and overall knowledge of the disease, that I had made the right decision, and I felt a lot more comfortable very quickly. The Dr. quickly identified what I had in terms of bacteria that was causing my problem, and then went to work. I underwent 36 days of treatment which involved injections into the various parts of the urinary system, and various other treatments which were very difficult, but I believe in the end it was all worth it.

Now after about 4 months of being back, my symptoms are improved, and I have minimal pain in the prostate area, no more frequency or urgency, and I have my energy back which is one of the best benefits. I now find that I am having a lot more good days than bad. I will go 4 or 5 days sometimes without pain at all. I rarely have any perineum pain. I do have to say that although I did experience some serious unblocking while in China, I think that I still have some unblocking left to do as I do have some days where I get pain in the front of my body up under my waist which travels into my testicles. However it is better than before Dr. Song ‘s treatment. I do plan to return to china in order to try to finish the job of unblocking, and to confirm that the bacteria that was eradicated while I was in China is still GONE!! I am not a Dr., and know that this treatment is not a widely accepted treatment, but I do believe that Dr. Song  is the best solution to this awful disease. I also want to mention that Dr. Song is not only the smartest Dr. I have ever been to, but he is also the most caring and compassionate Dr. as well. Ever since returning from China, I have been in touch with Dr. Song through a translator almost weekly. He is very concerned about my progress, and how I am feeling ever since the treatment. He makes suggestions via e-mail, and really cares about how I am doing. The guy is simply THE BEST! I wish all Dr’s cared about their patients like Dr. Song does. I have been holding off on writing my comments regarding this treatment because I am not completely cured yet, but I do believe that with more time, and another short trip to China, that a cure is inevitable for me.

Thank you Dr. Song for everything! I appreciate it! To anyone reading this, the decision to go or not to go to China is yours. Dr. Song helped me get my life back, and I am forever greatful for that. I have been through the several months of antibiotics, and the prostate massage… It just didn’t work for me…I know that this disease is an awful way to go through life. Keep your head up and seriously consider all of your options. Good luck with your fight against Prostatitis no matter what you choose.

Best regards,

The final update from the 3D prostatitis clinic:

Chris from USA, 36 years old. He had prostatitis for years without knowing that. By the time he came here, he had symptoms for 17 months. He tried different antibiotics treatment but all failed. The full set of lab testing at the 3D Prostatitis Clinic showed he has severe prostatitis, prostate blockage and calcification, spermatocystis, epididymitis, and infection with multiple pathogens. Chris received 36 days of 3D treatment, he was completely cured, and eventually back to health.

I am currently 35 years old and reside in Nebraska, USA. My prostate issues started 5 years ago in the summer of 2002. I began to have symptoms of pain in the “lower region” and went to a general family practice MD. I went seeking an answer and he couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I told him that this pain was coming from somewhere in the lower region but I found it difficult to describe the location. He asked if it was prostate pain. I told him that I didn’t even know what a prostate was, let alone if it hurt or not. At that point, I felt that I might have said the wrong words because he grabbed the rubber glove and I thought, oh no the rubber glove test. I assumed the position like a good patient and he just touched the prostate and I screamed. I never experienced anything like it. His diagnosis was that I had prostatitis.
He prescribed a 10-day supply of antibiotics. My wife and I did some research and looked at the different prostatitis clinics around the US. I never thought about going internationally because America is supposed to be the best in the world for medicine, right? Why go international when a person hasn’t exhausted all of ones resources here in the US. This is the thought process that my wife and I had. You will find out during this testimony; that this decision would come back to haunt us.

We first chose for me to get treatment at the Prostatitis Center in Tucson with Dr. Polacheck. I went there with the main symptoms of prostate pain and perineal pain. He ran his testing procedures and it was found that I had Staphococcus. I began to use a ridiculous amount of antibiotics that was prescribed by Dr. Polacheck and began prostate massages to “eradicate and push out the bacteria”. I stayed on the antibiotics/massages for two years and made periodic trips to check my condition. I eventually was symptom free and had no prostate or perineal pain during the treatment. The problem was that every time that I tried to come off the antibiotics or reduce the prostate massages; my symptoms would return in just a few days. My body began having trouble digesting all of these antibiotics. From a mental and physical standpoint, I was unable and unwilling to stay on antibiotics and massages on a daily basis. This was not the life that I was willing to live. Perhaps it was a short-term solution but long-term; I felt it wasn’t the answer that I was looking for. To this date, I have yet to meet or talk to one person that was cured by Dr. Polacheck. Perhaps he has helped others, but I wasn’t getting the results that I was seeking. I have seen/communicated with many of Dr. Polacheck’s past patients during treatments at Dr. Toth and Dr. Song ’s. You will learn about this later.

After two years of unsuccessful treatment, my wife and I decided that a more aggressive approach was needed. Along came Dr. Toth in New York City, NY. Dr. Toth’s treatment consists of trans-rectal injections, IV treatments, and oral antibiotics. The first procedure is an ultra-sound diagnosis to see the problem areas within the prostate. Dr. Toth said that I had “Extensive Scarring” and that he could get me feeling better but he could not do anything about the scar tissue? Dr. Toth said that he could use his ultrasound-guided needle to penetrate the scarring area and inject antibiotics to kill the bacteria that caused this scarring. His testing results showed that I had Chlamydia. I received medical treatment that consisted of 10 separate visits and 39 injections over two years from Dr. Toth. I found great relief in my symptoms after each visit, but my symptoms would slowly return within 4-6 weeks. I found myself returning to his office about every two to three months. Dr. Toth told me that I might have to continue this regiment forever and that it will keep me status quo. Needless to say, I wasn’t satisfied with these results and comments.

Back to the drawing board, this time my wife and I were getting a bit smarter. I was tired of taking pain pills and antibiotics. My body was crying out for help and we continued research over the Internet without putting any limitations or boundaries. We looked at The 3D Treatment Clinic. this website made sense to us, and the success rate was extremely high. Although we were getting desperate, we refused to get stupid. Not only did we contact their office, but corresponded with several previous patients that received Dr. Song ’s treatment. We learned that these previous patients were finding permanent relief in their problems and symptoms. I also learned that many of these patients received prior treatment from both Dr. Polacheck and Dr. Toth. Some of these patients actually have permanent damage from the treatment from Toth/Polacheck. This damage is from the large gauge needles used in the trans-rectal prostate injections and from aggressive prostate massages both of which can damage the prostate. My wife and I talked it over and decided that if Dr. Song couldn’t get us well, probably nothing would. We were very skeptical at first about traveling to China and the price tag was a little scary for us as we are not wealthy but we put our fears aside and took the plunge. We figured that if we didn’t have our health then we had nothing anyway.

I traveled to China in August 2007 and was greeted by his staff at the airport. The translator was helpful and spoke English very well. I headed over to Dr. Song ’s office to meet the rest of the staff. My first impression of Dr. Song was a positive one. He is a very caring and unique individual. His demeanor showed that he was compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, and had morals/values like no other doctor I have met. He asked about my trip, immediately made me feel at ease, and went to work on my prostatitis case. He asked pertinent questions and gave me an extensive evaluation like I have never seen before. The same day I arrived he began testing my semen, blood, and prostate fluid. I asked Dr. Song about my situation and if there was a chance of me getting back to normal. He was very confident in my case after the tests results. After a few days, he showed me my results of my ultrasound. He said that I had extensive calcification. I was told that my calcification was located on one side of the seminal vesicle and both sides of the prostate. A previous doctor educated me; (Dr. Toth) that this was “scar-tissue”. Dr. Song said no it wasn’t; wait right here. He went back into his office and pulled several patients charts. He began to show me different ultrasounds from several different patients to explain the difference between scar tissue and calcification. He said calcification can be removed and scar tissue most likely cannot. He explained that I may have scar tissue in my prostate but until you remove the calcification; one will not know. I had extensive calcification. On a scale of 1- 10; my calcification is about 8.5 or so in severity.

Dr. Song and his staff are extremely thorough and don’t leave a stone unturned. Within a couple of days of my arrival, I learned that I had Streptococcus. After the second day of injections; I felt like a new man. I felt better than perfect. Dr. Song ’s staff does ongoing continuous testing procedures during the course of treatment. Suddenly, another pathogen was discovered, fungus. I started getting treatment for fungus; this time I felt worse than when I arrived. I became faithful in Dr. Song  and I was willing to put my life in his hands. I progressed and got through the fungus treatment. I started to feel much better and was back to over a 100%. It is normal and typical to have ups and downs during this treatment process. I had other pathogens pop up that include Staphococcus and Proteus. These new pathogens were embedded inside my calcification. Calcification is rock-hard much like concrete. Once it gets loosened up and even soft; these pathogens cannot hide anywhere and come out. Once the calcification leaves the body, symptoms disappear. Overall a huge improvement was noticed in me. I was confident that this treatment would work for me and was excited to see my progression. I have also seen the progression in other patients. One can network with other patients and actually be a support group for one another. Unlike the previous doctors mentioned, Dr. Song  encourages communication with other patients. Prostatitis is a disease that is mental as well as physical. I discovered that prostatitis patients do have different symptoms. Some have problems with erection, urethra pain, sperm count/quality, testicle pain, pain in the joints, testicles issues, urination issues, etc….. I realize that many of you may have symptoms that aren’t necessarily listed here. It is a puzzle and everybody is different but Dr. Song  has the ability to figure out each individual case.

Dr. Song does sensitivity testing to find out what drugs work best in your situation and body. One challenge for Dr. Song
in my case is my treatment history. My overuse of antibiotics and Trans-rectal injections had interfered with my immune system and reaction to drugs. It was a challenge that can be overcome but sometimes would require longer treatment. If I had come out to China initially; I would heal quicker in every aspect.

One huge difference that makes Dr. Song ’s treatment work that others fail is the treatment and removal of calcification/blockages. This knowledge and expertise is one of a kind. The removal of this calcification/blockage is permanent once eradicated. Many times this calcification can press on nerves in the prostate and create pain. This pain can radiate to all sorts of areas within the body. All it takes is one piece of calcification on the wrong spot/area and one could create havoc with pain. I use to have a feeling of a golf ball or lump of coal up my rear end but that feeling has gone away along with much of my calcification.

In addition, the clinic’s lab testing and cultures are second to none he found pathogens in me that no one else was able to isolate. He also let me see these pathogens for myself under the microscope and explained to me what I was looking at. He found strep, fungus, staph and proteus in my prostate.

I came to China with the intent to receive treatment from Dr. Song for 40 days. After seeing my progression after the first week, I convinced my wife to come out for treatment. She suffered from pelvic inflammatory disease and interstitial cystitis (similar symptoms to that of prostatitis). I extended my stay and treatment to a total of 55 days to accommodate my wife. At the end of my treatment Dr. Song told me that a second visit to remove the still remaining calcification was unnecessary because my symptoms were caused by inflammation and infection and not calcification. What calcification I had remaining was very soft and Dr. Song  felt confident that the antibiotics would have penetrated it and killed the pathogens hiding inside. I still have about 35% of the calcification remaining upon the completion of 55 days of treatment. Dr. Song got me completely pathogen free, eradicated 65% of my calcification in the prostate, and all of the calcification in my seminal vesicle, on my first trip. I am planning a second trip to China in February 2008 to have the remainder of the calcification removed. It isn’t medically necessary but I want to take advantage of Dr. Song ’s skill and expertise to have a 100% healthy normal prostate in all facets.

Coming from Nebraska, China was a big trip for me. I was extremely nervous about the travel and medical facilities in another country. I felt extremely welcome by all the people that I met. The Chinese culture is one that is extremely polite and accommodating. The medical facilities at The 3D Treatment Clinic were neat and clean. It took a few days to get comfortable to the new culture. I was told on the first day that I would miss China when I leave. I thought to myself that this was a huge exaggeration. Sure enough, at the completion of my trip, I was missing China already and we hadn’t left yet. I am looking forward to my second trip to get rid of my calcification, enjoy the local food, and to see my friends again at The 3D Treatment Clinic.

Best regards,

The final update from the 3D prostatitis clinic:

Rob from USA, 35 years old. He had prostatitis for 5 years. He tried different oral antibiotics and injections, all failed. The full set of lab testing at the 3D Prostatitis Clinic showed he has severe prostatitis, severe prostate blockage and calcification, spermatocystis, epididymitis, and infection with multiple pathogens. His wife was suffering from pelvic inflammatory diease which caused by mutiple pathogens. Rob received two rounds of 3D treatment, he was completely cured, and back to normal health. His wife received 20 days of 3D PID treatment, she was also cured, and back to norml health.

Some background on my case :

I’m a Kiwi, married to an Aussie living happily in Aussie, I hold a Aussie passport – age 66.

Had vasectomy 1980 – closed type (clips).

Pain (incredible) / Prostate problems since 2000.

Granuloma Lump in Epididymis 46mm right testicle – both were removed 2003.

Laser Surgery – remove cataract and replaced lens in left eye – caused by prostrate drugs reaction.

2008 Granuloma lump in Epididymis 52mm left testicle – Micro surgery – removed 24 mm of epididymis granuloma and had vasectomy reversal with drain (open Type).5 teeth fell out – reaction to prostrate drugs prescribed – now have implants.

2010 Pain / Prostrate internal investigation caused blood poisoning – 12 days in hospital.

Early 2012 – TE tests showed very low testosterone scores – testosterone replacement started.

Mid 2012 Prostrate / Testicle Pain – started having Fits / Arm Shakes (tremors epileptic type) occasionally progressed to every 5 weeks. Neurologist prescribed Gabapentin then changed to Lyrica.

January 2013 started Acupuncture for pain relief and help with blood circulation -It helped but only for 2 days after treatment.

Mid 2013 Prostrate / Testicle Pain – progressed to fainting. Cardio tests showed enlarged left side muscles of heart, valve damage but thankfully no hardening of arteries -Cardiologist agreed my pain and anxiety probably the main cause.

Having 5 stays in hospital from January – June 2013, I became very cynical of Aussie Doctors – my conclusion was they only ever treat the symptoms not the cause and embark on a system of passing you from specialist mate to special mate to extract as many $’s as possible from you and the health system. There are exceptions my Neurologist, Cardiologist, and Endocrinologist come to mind. Most doctors has discounted the prostrate/ testicle as the main problem.

I started researching on the internet for a chronic prostatitis cure and my incredible pain problems. I found 3 websites that looked hopeful, their explanation and treatment sounded logical to me. All were in China – 2 used traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and 1 that used Antibiotics and Chinese Herbal Medicine.My email enquiry to The 3D Treatment Clinic Clinic got a general reply with heaps of info .When I told my wife and family I was thinking of going to the Clinic, I got the standard – China why would you go there for treatment – 3rd world country – they’ll rip you off – they don’t know what the word cure is – etc, etc. Mrs. Belinda asked a past patient to ring me. Allista a Aussie rang with a glowing report of his treatment stating he had been cured for 3 years, left his number and said to call him if I wanted more info.

I decided to take the plunge and give The 3D Treatment Clinic a try – after all I had nothing to loose- I was on a down hill slope that was getting steeper and steeper every week.

Changsha – 1st day – arrived end of Sept 2013, was met at airport by Belinda (Interpreter/Receptionist) and taken to my hotel. I was made very welcome by her and the hotel staff who speak some english. Hotel is across the freeway from the Clinic, Belinda took me on a tour to show me the pedestrian underpass to clinic, a local supermarket (has really nice fruit), a few Malls and the usual Macca’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and some better Chinese Restaurants.

2nd day – Belinda met me in the Lobby and took me to the clinic, I met the Doctors, tests were performed – blood, Prostrate etc.

3rd day Dr Ivan took me to a hospital for more blood tests then on to a University Hospital for scans and tests. Dr Song and staff have developed a very through system of tests to diagnose your problems.

My test results came back with Bacteria & Virus infection and calcification of Enlarged Prostate and Epididymis plus cysts in both areas and 2 stones in prostrate.

My treatment started on the 3rd day at the clinic and took 44 days ( I know a long time).

All staff are lovely caring people, they don’t judge you but explain the treatment and you feel part of the clinic’s family.

Day 5 of the treatment – my prostrate pain had gone ( you little beauty) , including joint pain, frostbite pain in my toes, no nausea, no arm shaking, no heart pain.

Day 5 of the treatment they also started to treat/kill the virus, Dr Song had indicated that he suspected the virus had also attacked my left side heart muscles – treatment was via I.V. for 2 hours for 15 days then they did blood tests that showed negative to the virus.

Day 21 of treatment – as well as the prostrate treatment they started treatment to rebuild my immune system and blood circulation, this also via I.V. 2 hours daily – bring a ipad with games / music or ibooks for reading.

Day 37 spent all day at hospital blood tests and scans – results bacteria / virus negative,blood red cell count had risen giving more energy, prostatitis: gone, prostrate calcification: gone, prostrate slightly enlarged normal for my age, heart lower left back to normal size, upper left still enlarged, testicle lump area has reduced significantly.

Day 44 – finished treatment feeling very well – NO PAIN. Dr Song gave me a full report and also suggestions on how to eat and look after myself. Report included the antibiotics and IV drugs used he withholds naming the Chinese Herbal Medicines used.

Very happy day and a rather sad day too. These Doctors have given me back hope for the future.

Conclusion :

I came to The 3D Treatment Clinic with a open mind determined to give it my best shot – I was dying slowly – I had nothing to loose. At times it was hard, you go thru a lot of emotions highs and lows while being treated. the prostrate injections do hurt a little but its only maybe 5 seconds each injection daily, the front shots are more painful but again its only 5 seconds of pain for heaps of gain.

Best decision I have ever made – Dr Song, Dr Ivan, Dr Lee and staff are bloody genius’s to have worked out this treatment that works – and its not rocket science just a very sound practical course of treatment that must be followed in full to cure chronic prostatitis. These bacteria and virus change their structure several time during the treatment to survive but the length of this treatment beats them.

Am I cured – at this time – Yes – but I’m not counting my chickens just yet .

I’ll let everyone know in another 3 months.

This was written 7 days after arriving home

Ralph M.

February 2014 – Update

Its now 2 months since finishing treatment at The 3D Treatment Clinic – I am happy to say his treatment has worked . There has been nil problems with my prostrate, and my testicle ! is about 90% better than it was – only 4 days total of minor pain in 2 months. I am able to lead a normal life again – the best part Pain Free. !

Ralph M.!

May 2014 – Update

Just had 6 monthly prostrate test results – all very good.I also think my heart is really good, will report on progress after I see the heart specialist 17th July.

Dr Song thank you for your excellent work, feel very well best in years, able to lead a normal life without pain.

My GP doctor here is impressed at with your work.


Ralph M

December 2014 – Update

I’m going well no prostrate or testicle pain since February.

My heart size has reduced back to normal size the heart specialist is pleased with my progress. Heart pumping over 65%+, muscular wall is now strong and healthy no need for any valve replacements.

My blood pressure is very stable at
Date: 2014-12-25 17:22:19
SYS: 123
DIA: 60
BPM: 75


Ralph M

In my humble opinion, this clinic should be renamed Dr. Song Xinping Medical Center. A little known fact about Dr. Song and a pleasant surprise to me when I met him is that he is not only a specialist Urologist focused on prostate disease research, but also an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist and a specialist Dermatologist with close to 30 years experience. Have no doubt, this is not traditional herbal medicine. His work is based on the sound principles, investigative tools and the latest drugs of modern medicine but with the Chinese traditional approach of seeing the body as a connected whole, not the sum of isolated parts. He is also involved in his own advanced research into the role of pathogens in prostate disease and the development of more effective targeted treatment techniques.

The health and drug industry all around the world has turned into a surgical and/or symptomatic relief profession. The argument is, if it can kill you then surgically remove it, but if it can’t then live with it (and of course live with the medications). There is a problem with this approach, it unnecessarily degrades people’s quality of life, erodes their savings & in case of infections create anti-biotic resistance. The oral and intravenous delivery of medication is often not effective alone. Many of the body’s glands like the prostate have protective mechanisms and don’t receive enough blood flow. This means that medication delivered through the blood stream alone often provide symptomatic relief, not treatment and recurrence is inevitable.

In my case, I am a 37 year old male who is otherwise fit and healthy. I do not smoke tobacco, drink alcohol or engage in sex outside of marriage. I have been performing routine medical checkups every 3 years throughout my life with no major health problems, the last of which was in 2012. In 2015, I was diagnosed with three serious illnesses within a few months of each other:

1. Chronic ENT infections with severe Sinusitis almost reaching the brain. Received oral anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory medications with partial effect.

2. Acute Appendicitis requiring emergency hospitalization. Received intravenous anti-biotic with partial effect, so a laparoscopic appendectomy was performed to surgically remove the appendix before it becomes life threatening.

3. Chronic but mild Prostatitis & Oligospermia. Received oral anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory medications with partial effect.

Standard modern medical practice sees these in isolation. To Dr. Song all these illnesses diagnosed are related. He correctly identified that my primary problem is unresolved chronic ENT infections that must be properly treated to prevent recurrence or cause other secondary complications. After rigorous investigation using the best in imaging technology and advanced testing, his analysis was as follows:

1. Primary infections of the paranasal sinuses caused a secondary infection of the pituitary gland that caused Oligospermia. This was confirmed by CT image of the paranasal sinuses, MRI image of the pituitary gland, low sperm count in the seminal fluid test, high level of Luteinizing Hormone in the blood test, high level of WBC in the blood test and low level of lymphocytes in the blood test.

2. Primary infections of both inner ears & tonsils caused a secondary infection of the epididymis followed by a secondary infection of the prostate by the same pathogens. From his research all prostate disease is caused by pathogens and this is one of 4 mechanisms pathogens spread to the prostate. This was confirmed by Ultrasound image of the epididymis and the prostate,

digital rectal examination of the prostate, presence of 2 types of common bacteria in bodily fluid tests (salivary fluid, seminal fluid & prostatic fluid), presence of 5 types of common viruses in the blood test, high level of TPSA in the blood test, high level of WBC in the blood test and low level of lymphocytes in the blood test.

With this information he formulated a treatment plan tailored for my specific condition, not the standard medical approach of surgery or fit for all symptomatic relief:

1. Anti-viral & Anti-biotic treatment for 20 days delivered by intravenous injection of medication into the blood stream. This is to suppress/eliminate pathogens that may be circulating around the body.

2. ENT treatment for 13 days delivered by direct local injection of medication into the paranasal sinuses and tonsils in addition to nasal and ear drops (all of which do not receive enough blood flow). This is a safe targeted treatment technique developed from his research.

3. Epididymis & Prostate treatment for 30 days delivered by direct local injection of medication into the epididymis (which does not receive enough blood flow) through the groin area and into the prostate (which also does not receive enough blood flow) through the perennial area, not the rectum. This is a safe targeted treatment technique developed from his research.

I should also add that as a specialist Dermatologist, and with the same targeted treatment approach, he healed my scars from the appendectomy with only 2 direct local injections. Any other Dermatologist would have either cut me, gave me a useless cream for months or told me to live with it.

Throughout the treatment period and after it was completed, selected tests were repeated that determined the progress and effectiveness of the treatment. To make sure there is no recurrence, a followup visit was recommended after 6 months to repeat all images and tests.

In conclusion, the “3D Prostate Targeted Treatment” in the name of the clinic stands for “Determination” of the causes, “Direct” injection of medication & “Deblocking”‘of the prostate. This has been my experience and I would add a 4th one … “Dedication”.

Mohamed Alhaj

I had a relapsed on BPH laser surgery (done 4/2011). On December 23, 2017 I had to go to emergency due to urinary retention & acute cystitis with hematuria had to wear indwelling catheter for almost 2 months. The emergency doctor recommend me to a urologist. The urologist schedule me for Transurethral Resection of the Prostate(TURP- gold standard for treatment of BPH). I don’t want this treatment due had a relapsed also like green light (laser) surgery. So I researched on the web site & you tube found out 3D Urology Treatment at Xiangtan , China. I talked to some of the patient & they recommended it for BPH treatment. The treatment is not evasive. The successful rate is very high, no side effects. I contacted 3D Urology at Xiangtan, China & schedule treatment for 4 weeks (March 3 – March 30, 2018). Dr Song was the attending urologist doctor.i had to go Laboratory test( blood drawing) and ultrasound examination. From the test Dr Song found out I had BPH, prostatitis, prostrate calcification, bladder diverticulum, stones on the right kidney & epididymitis. The microscopic examination shows many white blood cells and calcifications materials. Prostate fluid got through prostate massage found bacteria grow in its culture staphylococcus aureus, enterococcus & E. Coli. The digital rectal examination shows swelling of the prostate, hard texture & obvious pressing pain.Blood examination (abnormal) results rubella virus IgG>500IU/ml, cytomegalovirus IgG 114.6AU/ml, Herpes simplex virus IgG 27.8AU/l, testosterone 8.0nmol/L, alanine transaminase 55u/L and Uris acid 429.7nmol/L. I undergo 2 weeks treatment for prostrate bacterial infection used antibiotic, four weeks treatment for prostate calcification & BPH using local injection with herbal extracts and 15 days for intravenous drip using antiviral drugs for viral infection. After treatment prostrate volume become smaller and texture becomes soft but still remains calcifications. I had improvement on my symptoms. Dr Song recommended to use oral natural herbal for strengthening immunity, improving endocrine function and blood circulation. No alcohol, no stimulant foods or drinks for 3 months to avoid prostate congestion. Avoid pressing the prostate by not sitting for a long time and riding bicycle. Do aerobic exercise like running and swimming to improve circulation.

I think I am going for recovery due have some improvement on my urine flow but still due to calcifications I experience dripping & nocturia, hesitancy, intermittency etc of urination pattern. Dr Song advised up to 6 months urination will improved after calcification will be dissolve more. I observed in my urine there are particles more coming out. I highly 3D urology treatment for problems on the prostrate prostatitis, BPH, calcifications, tumor , cancer etc. Dr Song his staff (Dr Ivan, Alisa – translator, & Cindy -nurse) are helpful & supportive. Thank you.