3D Precision Therapy
Successfully Treats Chronic

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君悦さんfrom Japan

日本の病院で慢性前立腺炎と診断されてから約3年後に宋先生の3Dクリニックで3D療法を受診することとなりました。 […]

Mr. Chen, Gordan Chan from Hong Kong

I am Gordan Chan, 30 years old. I was quite healthy bef […]

Dave from Scotland

I am a patient of Dr. Song here in Changsha China and I […]

A Patient from Yugoslavia

I am a 38 years old man from Yugoslavia. I have been su […]

Chris from USA (2004)

I am from the United States. I have been suffering from […]

Rob from USA

I am currently 35 years old and reside in Nebraska, USA […]

Ralph M from Australia

Some background on my case : I’m a Kiwi, married to an […]

Testimonial by Mohamed Alhaj on 25th April 2016

In my humble opinion, this clinic should be renamed Dr. […]

Dr. Emmanuel from USA

I had a relapsed on BPH laser surgery (done 4/2011). On […]

Mike (Ph.D.) from USA

Testimonial for the Best Prostate Clinic in the World O […]

George Patterson from USA, Living in Philippines

I suffered with waking up to pee 7-10 times per nite fo […]

Dr. Prosper Adamaley from Ghna

My name is Prosper Adamaley, a businessman from Ghna. I […]

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